Kenny announces 83 jobs under Connect Ireland scheme

New positions added in marine engineering, corporate training and legal consultancy

The Government has announced the creation of 83 jobs through Connect Ireland, the State-funded scheme where individuals are given a finder's fee for bringing in foreign investment that would not have otherwise considered setting up shop here.

Some 55 of the jobs were created by Washington State- based ocean and marine engineering company Sound & Sea Technologies, which has established a European headquarters in Ringaskiddy, Co Cork.

Boston theatre group Improv Asylum Innovation, which applies the techniques of improvisational comedy to business training events – "to break down the conventional barriers in corporate thinking" – has set up a new centre in Dublin, creating 12 jobs.

Technology consulting
Up to 10 jobs are to be created in Dublin by Strategic Marketing Innovations, Inc (SMI) over the next year as it expands its US operation to Ireland. SMI, headquartered in Washington DC, is a privately owned company specialising in technology consulting and government relations.


Finally, New Jersey-based legal consultancy, the Bayne Law Group, will create six new jobs in Cork through the affiliated company Bayne International Limited.

Taoiseach Enda Kenny, announcing the jobs at the Global Irish Economic Forum, said some 11,800 "connectors" had registered with Connect Ireland.

“There are discussions going on at the moment with 250 companies. They might not all locate in Ireland, but significant numbers of them might do so,” Mr Kenny said. “I think it’s a good day all round, most particularly for the 83 people who will have the opportunity to work for these companies.”

Double revenues
Dallas Meggitt, the chief executive of Sound & Sea Technologies, said the company had set itself a target to double its revenues over the next few years. "Europe is critical to that strategy," he said, adding "we're open for business, folks." Some 20 of the company's jobs will be based at Sound & Sea Europe, while a further 35 will be at another of its operations, Marine Micropile Technology.

The names of the connectors in the case of the four companies were not revealed. Individuals who put expanding companies in touch with Connect Ireland receive a minimum of €1,500 for each job created in Ireland as a result of the move.

Laura Slattery

Laura Slattery

Laura Slattery is an Irish Times journalist writing about media, advertising and other business topics