Seán Dunne’s bankruptcy should not be extended, court told

Court should not accept request to ‘inflict punishment’ on the businessman

Sean Dunne

Sean Dunne


Businessman Seán Dunne’s Irish bankruptcy should not be extended given the conduct of the official administering it, counsel for the businessman has told the High Court.

Barra McGrory QC, for Mr Dunne, argued the behaviour of official assignee Chris Lehane during the bankruptcy process fell far below what was expected and the court should not accept his request to “inflict punishment” on the businessman.

Any extension to Mr Dunne’s bankruptcy would breach his property rights, he argued.

Mr McGrory was making submissions on the eighth and final day of the hearing of Mr Lehane’s application to extend the businessman’s bankruptcy due to his alleged non-operation with the process.

Mr Dunne’s Irish bankruptcy was due to expire on July 2016 but it has been extended pending the outcome of the hearing to decide if any extension, which can be for a maximum five years, should be granted.

Ms Justice Caroline Costello, reserving her judgment on the extension application, said she was conscious the matter was time-sensitive and would try and give judgment as soon as possible.