Carr communications turnover down €1m


CARR COMMUNICATIONS, the PR and media training agency known for polishing politicians’ images, made just €13,000 profit in its last financial year, its latest accounts show.

The company, which regularly provides media training for politicians and Government figures, had revenues of €1.8 million in the 12 months ended June 30th, 2009, a fall of €1 million on the previous year’s turnover of €2.8 million.

The company made an operating profit of €35,000, but losses on its financial assets and a €47,000 interest bill on the €760,000 that it owes its bank, left it with a loss before tax of €18,464.

However, a tax credit of €31,730 for overpaying tax in previous years meant that it ended the year with a retained profit for the year of €12,900. The directors, Frances Fox, Donal Cronin, Fergus Hoban, Tony Hughes and Eddie Shaw, shared a total of €667,000 in salaries and €72,000 in fees.

The company’s accounts show that it owed Touchstone Healthcare, whose directors include Mr Hoban and Mr Hughes €15,433, while Touchstone owed Carr €50,088.

Overall, the company’s 25 staff were paid almost €1.7 million in salaries, social welfare and pension contributions.

Broadcaster Bunny Carr founded the agency in the 1970s, and the company has provided media training for Fianna Fáil, government, business people and even Moriarty tribunal staff.

In 2008, Mr Hoban and Mr Cronin bought the shares in the company held by its former managing director, Dermot McCrum.