‘The Government weakened its own position on the rollout of broadband by handing Eir the best cards in an already mediocre playing hand.’ Photograph: Rui Vieira/PA

Karlin Lillington: Internet inertia has exposed several ugly truths about State’s priorities

It is important the discussion around digital safety issues does not to default to a more limited focus on children, as has begun to happen here.

Digital safety decisions must not be rushed because the issue is topical

Parents  already feel outpaced by their children’s ability to use the internet, and are worried by regular media reports of cyberbullying. File photograph: iStockPhoto

Is proposed Digital Safety Commissioner role merely manoeuvring on a hot-topic issue?

Online surveillance: section 702’s possible renewal will present serious difficulties unless clear protections are  introduced for EU data.

Net Results: Section 702 extension will hurt business over fears for data of EU citizens

Public Services Card

No national ID card has proven invulnerable to accidental leaks or dedicated hackers

The late Steve Jobs unveils the iPhone: Apple used to really innovate. Photograph:  Tony Avelar/AFP/Getty Images

Karlin Lillington: Firms must plough ideas into products not defend domination moves

New neutrality:  The general public and the business world have never been as aware of privacy issues as they are now. Photograph: Bill O’Leary/The Washington Post via Getty Images

Hacks, trolls, election manipulation, leaks – security is the evergreen tech concern

Protestors demonstrate in Boston against the US Federal Communications Commission’s move to end internet traffic neutrality. Photograph: Ryan McBride/AFP/Getty Images

Net Results: Move by FCC to abolish internet traffic equality faces formidable opposition

A case before the US Supreme Court, involving a US attempt to force Microsoft to divulge emails held in its Irish data centre,  has exposed a worrying level of  Irish indifference  to Ireland’s wider European data protection obligations

As one of the top locations for the tech sector, we need a clearer stance on data obligations

Mircosoft’s offices in Sandyford, Dublin.

Analysis: Government wavering in case that threatens structure of global businesses

Password sharing: Nadine Dorries tweeted after pornography was found on the office PC of Theresa May’s deputy, Damian Green. Photograph: Twitter

Net Results: Do any TDs want to confess to sharing passwords around the office?

People protest during a rally in Los Angeles to ‘Protect Net Neutrality’ as they voice their opposition to the impending FCC vote on the matter on December 14th. Photograph: Kyle Grillot/Reuters

Silicon Valley leads opposition to US Federal Communications Commission proposal

The TruTrade  platform is now being used in Uganda and Kenya, most recently to open up a direct European market for avocado farmers.

Software developed by Self Help Africa assists farmers in securing fair prices

Is this the first selfie, taken by Paris Hilton in 2006?

Net Results: The yearning to self-immortalise must run deep in the human psyche

Ancient structure on Inis Mór: the speed and efficiency of the internet must not obscure our  world of real people and places. Photograph: Daragh Muldowney

Some of us, for age or other reasons, choose quite reasonably to operate by analogue

U2 singer Bono. “Philanthropy coupled with large-scale tax avoidance is just ego-enhancing crumbs tossed selectively from the (very) wealthy table.” Photograph: Dave Kotinsky/Getty Images

Tax avoidance as revealed in Paradise Papers results in funding losses for state services

Legal row centres on whether the US can force US firms to hand over data held abroad

Martin Luther: October 31st was the 500th anniversary of the day Luther hammered his revolutionary theses on to a Wittenberg church door. Photograph: Hendrik Schmidt/AFP/Getty Images

An academic has illuminated the world-shaping and often invisible issues with tech

The Microsoft case pits the company against the US government in a tussle over emails held in its Dublin data centre

Why is US chasing a line of legal thought that could easily in future be turned against it?

Former chief justice John Murray: produced a damning report which draws pretty much the same conclusions about Irish law that the ECJ did about the EU directive. Photograph: Frank Miller

Indiscriminate surveillance trampled on privacy rights of ordinary citizens for years

The driving forces behind the #buytwitter movement failed to get the needed majority shareholder vote to proceed. Photograph:  Dominic Lipinski/PA

Social activists want to take the corporate out of Twitter by making it a public co-op

The vast majority of politicians still do not understand, in depth or breadth, the data protection and privacy issues that lie at the heart of a functional, transparent democracy. Photograph: Pawel Kopczynski/Reuters

Net Results: Government must be aware of citizen rights when drafting database plans

The event took place in the Light House cinema in Smithfield.

Spin-off of annual Berlin festival stays eclectic as it lands in Light House cinema

The $1,000  iPhone X. Photograph: Josh Edelson/AFP/Getty Images

Before you complain, stop and think about how expensive and rubbish mobiles used to be

Trinity College’s incubator programme has produced 220 entrepreneurs that have raised €2.1 billion in private equity, said John Whelan, director of Blackstone LaunchPad and LaunchBox at TCD. Photograph: The Irish Times

Re:publica digital conference hears universities should not just focus on the bottom line

Dublin’s Grand Canal Docks by night: The surrounding area is home to several tech giants with large and often well-paid workforces. Photograph: iStock.

‘Digital society’ event Re:publica hears call for sector to join push for affordable homes

A review of the Privacy Shield agreement will commence on Monday week.

The US-EU data-transfer agreement is up for review, but its flaws are all too obvious

Domain squatting: buying up domains in the hope of selling them at a profit has been part of the web since the early days of those “under construction” Gifs

Net Results: Ireland’s domain registry wants to hear your views. You’ll have to hurry

The trade-offs of gentrification are complex. Run-down areas, in which vitality declined only to be further weakened by official neglect, see fresh energy and  expanded infrastructure. But former residents often can no longer afford to live there.

Gentrification caused by multinationals can be offset by transport and housing provision

US president Donald Trump: Many business leaders remain on his advisory panels and councils. These include Dell’s Michael Dell, Apple’s Tim Cook, IBM’s Ginny Rometty, Corning’s Wendell Weeks and GE’s Jeff Immelt. Photograph: Jim Watson/AFP/Getty

Net Results: More brave CEOs must resign from White House advisory panels

Past visions of the future: Then minister for public enterprise Mary O’Rourke launches the world’s first internet television, Mitsubshi’s netset. Photograph: Maxwells

Urban and rural industry and citizens need faster internet. But should State keep out?

Princess Diana. Her death in a car crash in Paris 20 years ago was the first major news event in which online coverage played a significant part. Photograph: Mark Cardwell

Net Results: In a world without smartphones, websites began rolling coverage 20 years ago

Microsoft has indicated that, after 32 years, Paint was finally going to that great, encrusted paint tin in the sky

Net Results: Company underestimated depth of affection when announcing program’s end

US President Donald Trump’s White House backs removing net neutrality, according to a spokeswoman. Photograph: Saul Loeb/AFP/Getty Images

Real issue for them is not protecting your data, but ensuring they can keep using it

Dachshund pups in small enclosures at an illegal puppy farm in the midlands. Many mistakenly believe the key issue with animal welfare is inadequate legislation. Photograph: Fergal Shanahan

Puppy farming – and animal welfare generally – are still among Ireland’s saddest secrets

Big data: why are projects involving sensitive data so poorly thought through?

Three different, State database-building projects threaten citizens’ rights in Ireland

“As much as I love my iPhone, it’s awfully pushy.”½Photograph: Kimberly White/Reuters

I would pay for an enforced break from my phone, but younger people would struggle

The Microsoft case has been less headline-grabbing than Google’s news-dominating mega-fine this week, but it is the far more important case of the two. Photograph: Brian Snyder/Reuters

Justice department seeks appeal in relation to emails held by Microsoft in Ireland

Ruling against Google on abuse of search dominance is first of three cases working their way through EU antitrust process. Photograph: EPA/Walter Bieri

Outcome will focus minds in all big tech multinationals doing business in EU

The US supreme court has been asked by the US government to decide a case involving efforts by law enforcement to access emails held on a Microsoft server in Dublin. Photograph: Lucy Nicholson/Reuters

Four-year battle escalates in law enforcement efforts to gain access to EU citizen’s data

Pat Breen’s amalgamated portfolio suggests the Government is failing to understand the need to focus on data protection.

Concern for data privacy helps lure firms to Ireland and Leo Varadkar move is damaging

Lurking uncertainty about the effectiveness of Privacy Shield spurred the need for the promised review by the European Commission. Photograph: iStockphoto .

The EU’s WP 29 is sceptical that the Trump government can guarantee data protection

The conclusion drawn by  experts is that hackers would not need to access voting machines to compromise an election.  Photograph: Getty Images

Targets were local government officials likely to have voting-related duties

On Sunday British Prime Minister Theresa May demanded greater regulation of the internet. Photograph: Leon Neal/Getty Images

Karlin Lillington: The UK already has the draconian Investigatory Powers Act, which hands sweeping powers of surveillance to gover(...)

Kay McNulty Mauchly Antonelli, one of the Eniac programmers

Seventy years on from female programmers’ work for the Allies, too little has changed

1-Page founder Joanna Riley at the Web Summit

Companies matter less than the fact they were Founded – look at Joanna Riley’s 1-Page

A screenshot of the warning screen from a purported ransomware attack. Photo: AP

Amateurish code with poor payback did some service – it taught us a lesson

Frank Pasquale: “Facebook and Google are effectively the regulators but acting in ways without public accountability”

Spread the propaganda and hashtag flooding have damaged utopian ideas about public benefit of web

Two visitors make a point during the Re:publica digital conference in Berlin, Germany.  Photograph: Felipe Trueba/EPA

What makes an event like Re:publica special is its ‘anything goes’ Berlin funkiness

A visitor uses a 2DF headset at Re:publica in Berlin in May. Photograph: Filip Singer/EPA

Festival of digital culture will be shaped at hall-style meeting on June 8th

 A visitor uses his laptop in the chill out zone during  the Re:publica  digital conference in Berlin.

‘Jihadists use the internet the same way the rest of us do’ says Prof Peter Neumann

A visitor uses 2DF headset during the Re:publica  digital conference in Berlin.

‘Star Wars’ special effects expert says new developments will redefine entertainment

Former world chess champion Garry Kasparov, speaking at the Re:publica digital culture festival in Berlin.

Russia now exporting news manipulation, former chess champion tells conference

Visitors at the Re:publica digital cultural festival in Berlin.

Co-founder says attendees should not to take freedoms such as those of speech and the press for granted

Startups can feature strongly on the emerging blockchain landscape because “there are no barriers to entry as long as you understand the technology and see the whole new wave of possibilities”. File photograph: iStockPhoto

Net Results: Fraud-free trust and transaction infrastructure is potentially revolutionary

Uber app logo: Uber did not agree to “co-operate and comply with the EU and/or Swiss Data Protection Authorities”. Photograph: Neil Hall

Net Results: too often a handy app harvests your data details for sale to third parties

Long term in the US, this move is going to stifle rather than promote innovation. Photograph: Getty

Karlin Lillington: Double whammy for Irish techs as Australia and US change visa rules

The  unicorn is an increasingly rare sight in  technology terms. Photograph: Getty Images

Net Results: Venture-backed firms with valuations in excess of $1 billion in decline

There are long-standing, sound reasons why encryption backdoors have failed to get the green light any time they have been proposed in the US or EU

Net Results: Evidence does not support EU plan for encryption backdoors for social apps

US president Donald  Trump: the Republican-party-dominated Congress voted to wipe out important Obama-era privacy protections on personal data. Photograph: Andrew Harrer

Net Results: Private data now a cash cow owned by internet service providers

Nielsen and AAP figures show  ebook consumers falling away from ebooks and ereader devices. Photograph: Getty Images

Net Results: But 10 years after Amazon launched the Kindle measuring ebook readership is tricky

 Boston mayor Marty Walsh with Taoiseach Enda Kenny. Walsh put a welcome  damper on what has been a bit of hypocritical Irish blarney for two decades now. Photograph: Niall Carson/PA Wire

Net Results: Ireland needs to start properly acknowledging our own immigrant communities

Individuals and businesses should use encrypted programs and apps such as Signal or WhatsApp. The more that do, the more limited CIA (or National Security Agency) hacking toolkits become. Photograph: Petar Kujundzic/Reuters

Yes, you should be worried about the Vault 7 leaks, but not for the reasons you think

Overall BT Young Scientist & Technologist of the Year 2017 Shane Curran, from Terenure College, Dublin, with his project, qCrypt. Photograph: Alan Betson

Shane Curran’s winning qCrypt project offers solution for private data storage

Donald Trump: he’s already declaring that foreigners are not entitled to the  privacy protections afforded US citizens’ data.  Photograph: Brendan McDermid/Reuters

Chaos would ensue if data transfers worth over $250bn annually are halted

The tech sector needs to accept that Peter Thiel is not going to be its intercessor with Donald Trump. Photograph: Andrew White/The New York Times

Net Results: Industry needs to flex muscle or it will be mown down by ‘Carmageddon’ presidency

Evading complacency: Corporate data gathering may seem  benign, but it  is as serious a potential threat to privacy as government surveillance. Photograph: Getty

Net Results: Debate renews as corporations and governments grow ever more nosey

WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange has indicated he is ready to face extradition. Photograph: Dominic Lipinski/PA Wire

The WikiLeaks founder misrepresents facts amid plans for Chelsea Manning’s release

  Apple chief executive Steve Jobs unveils the iPhone in 2016,  during the  Macworld Conference keyword in San Francisco, California,  to an unsuspecting world.  Photograph: Tony Avelar/AFP/Getty

Apple’s mysterious blank slate was technology at its best – indistinguishable from magic

  Sales of the the Amazon Echo and other e-enabled home devices have grown exponentially.

Critical data privacy and security issues surround Echo and always-on mic devices

The UK has just passed the draconian Investigatory Powers (IP) Act, which gives lawful permission for the widescale surveillance revealed by Edward Snowden (above) – while the European Court of Justice just ruled unlawful those sweeping surveillance powers. Photograph: Glenn Greenwald and Laura Poitras/AP/Guardian

The past year threw up plenty of tech challenges that are not going away in 2017

Alessandro Acquisti: his Ted talk on privacy has had more than a million views. Photograph: Joshua Franzos

Public now more aware of how online data can be misused, says Alessandro Acquisti

The FBI sent out an alert last spring warning about a massive increase in these so-called CEO scams.

Tagging €4.3m scam with the word ‘cyber’ and calling it ‘sophisticated’ is plain wrong

Of nine tech companies, including Facebook, Microsoft, Google, Apple and IBM, polled by The Intercept, only one – Twitter – said it would refuse to help Trump build a registry of Muslims. Photograph: Pawel Kopczynski/Reuters

The big tech firms need to stand up and refuse to facilitate government surveillance

US Green Party leader and recent presidential candidate Jill Stein: Cynics ignore reasons why her effort is important. Photograph: Lisa Abitbol /EPA

Green Party leader’s legal case highlights authorities’ failure to audit national elections

Will a push be on to find ways for the net to route data anywhere but the UK, now Surveillance Central?

Net Results: Data surveillance provisions spell more post-Brexit bad news for Irish businesses

Hacked off: Minister for Justice Frances Fitzgerald and Garda Commissioner Nóirín O’Sullivan. Apparently the Government has no policy on the use of secure, encrypted email and messaging services. Photograph: Colin Keegan/Collins

The force needs a policy on forwarding official emails to private web services: don’t

The incoming Trump administration will find it hard to tempt even large-scale skilled tech manufacturing back to the US. Photograph: Getty Images

Do not expect to see tax-driven rush of technology multinationals out of Ireland

 Donald Trump: verbal threats and belligerent attacks, four-letter words and  the whole sleazy underside of the web came from candidates and party officials themselves. Photograph: Manuel Balce Ceneta/AP

Social media can be tools of democracy. In the US campaign they were avenues of bile

The DRI case will argue that the agreement neither adequately addresses the European Court of Justice’s specific objections to Safe Harbour, nor protects EU citizens’ rights. Photograph: John Thys/AFP/Getty Images

Digital Rights Ireland’s case against EU-US data transfer deal could spark trade chaos

Far, far away... Star Trek Enterprise and its computer’s wise female voice

The promised tech future is never quite what it was supposed to be. Darn

Screengrab of video released by the “Washington Post” showing Donald Trump (centre) and former   “Access Hollywood” co-anchor  Billy Bush meeting soap star Arianne Zucker:  A  recent NBC News/SurveyMonkey survey   indicates that  36 per cent of college educated men in the US   – regardless of ethnicity –  support Trump

A third of US men with a degree support Donald Trump despite sexist statements

The Berlin festival has grown from a 700-person meeting of bloggers in its first year to an annual three-day event which drew 8,000 people last May, and included 770 international speakers

Dublin is the first time organisers have taken the 10-year-old festival to another country

The likes of Intel have made significant investments in Irish infrastructure. File photograph: Dave Meehan

Net Results: Budget should be about more than tax rates to retain likes of Google, Facebook and Intel

Turn on: Gone are the days when Blackberries were so addictive they were nicknamed “Crackberries”. Photograph: Anthony Devlin/PA Wire

As Blackberry found out, it can be hard to shift direction when technology changes

Microsoft general counsel and executive vice president Brad Smith. Photograph: by Stephen Brashear/Getty

‘People have important privacy rights in their personal information,’ says Smith

Oracle founder Larry Ellison: the Republican gave $5m to Donald Trump’s rival Marco Rubio during the primaries, yet election donation records indicate he has not yet donated to Trump

Net Results: No California tech firm appears on Trump’s top-25 table of employee contributions

This new system means passengers spend about the same amount of time queueing as under the old system. Photograph: Cyril Byrne/The Irish Times

US immigration clearance system at Dublin Airport more of a problem than a solution

Apple held $215 billion in cash and other assets outside the United States as of June, according to the Wall Street Journal. Photograph: Niall Carson/PA Wire

Opinion: If EU and US politicians wanted to change the corporate tax system they would

Don Tapscott: “If I send you €100 it’s really important that I don’t still have the money and that I can’t send it to somebody else.” Photograph: Ana Grillo

The technology behind bitcoins may fundamentally change how we use the internet

Co-founders of Red Hat Robert Young (left)  and Marc Ewing in  1998. Photograph: Candice C  Cusic/AP

Back in the 1990s, it was a major surprise when Intel and Netscape invested in the OS

Eirgrid says it has data facility enquiries on the table that would need another 1,000MW worth of power from 2019 onwards.

New centres offer relatively few jobs given the demands they make on Ireland’s power grid

An exhibitor stand at the Web Summit in Dublin in 2015:  the fundraising landcsape for start-ups is generally a hazardous strip of prickly land running between a rock and hard place . Photograph: Eric Luke

More and more big companies are creating their own venture investment arms

Cavachon puppies rescued from a car at Dublin Port, at the DSPCA, Rathfarnham, Dublin. Photograph: Dara Mac Dónaill/The Irish Times

RSPCA estimates 30,000-40,000 Irish puppies supplied to UK each year

People are playing the  Pokémenon Go game in such inappropriate places as Arlington Cemetery in Virginia,  Auschwicz in Poland and (above) Downing Street in London.   Photograph: Carl Court/Getty Images

The game has highlighted the issue of who owns the virtual space around your property

Data Protection Commissioner Helen Dixon. Photograph: Cyril Byrne

Analysis: Data commissioner takes needlessly costly route in Schrems case

The Advocate General expressed a vigorous defence of personal privacy in the face of the “mission creep” of states and law enforcement agencies. Photograph: Getty Images/iStockphoto

European Court of Justice insistent that citizens are entitled to privacy protections

Microsoft’s victory last Thursday in New York State’s Second Circuit Appeals Court has ramifications at least as far-reaching as Max Schrems’ challenge to the Safe Harbour EU/US data handling framework

The Microsoft case matters enormously as it goes to the very heart of the internet

“With new privacy protections in place, we are confident the framework will withstand further scrutiny,” US commerce secretary Penny Pritzker said on Tuesday. Photograph: Olivier Hoslet/EPA

Privacy Shield may now be the officially adopted replacement

Perhaps the Cabinet and law enforcement in Ireland are not aware that both WhatsApp and Viber are automatically encrypted. Photograph: Getty Images

State adds to a legislative corpse rather than observe European Court of Justice decision

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