In their own words: Jennifer Nickerson of Tipperary Boutique Distillery

AIB Start-up Academy finalist, and co-founder of Tipperary Boutique Distillery, Jennifer Nickerson talks about their lightbulb moment, target audience and how their business solves a problem

Jennifer Nickerson of Tipperary Boutique Distillery tells the story of her startup: 

“Our company was the natural result of my father’s whiskey experience (who managed some of Scotland’s biggest distilleries; Glenfiddich and Highland Park) and the farming background of my fiancé, Liam Ahearn, and my own background in whiskey and as a chartered accountant in KPMG. 

“We provide small-batch, individually numbered, single malt Irish whiskies. I grew up in the whiskey industry, living beside many of the Scottish distilleries which my father managed. My father saw Liam’s family farm outside Clonmel as an ideal location for a distillery when he visited, with fields of golden barley and fantastic water. We are the only whiskey start-up in Ireland aiming to diversify a farm with local heritage. Our co-founders, the Ahearns, have been farming at Ballindoney for generations. 

“With planning permission for a distillery on Liam’s farm we will use the barley there, distilling our own whiskies very soon. We have established distribution channels in countries including Australia and China and our eventual aim is to have an entire field-to-bottle operation on the farm.” 

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