In their own words: Gill and Michael of Frankman

AIB Start-up Academy finalists, and co-founders of Frankman, Gill and Michael talk about their lightbulb moment, Frankman's target audience and how their products solve a problem for men

Michael and Gill of Frankman tell the story of their startup: 

“Frankman is a straight talking male personal care company that cuts through the bull. About 18 months ago, I was out shopping for some hair clay with my wife Gill and found it so confusing and annoying. A lot of the language, both in-store and online, can be overwhelming for your normal guy who's interested in achieving a certain look, but doesn't know where to start. 

“Gill was working in the beauty industry at the time and was witnessing huge growth in the sector. We both felt there was room for a male personal care company that guys could relate to. After months of research, Frankman was born. Frankman is frank in how we interact with our end users, it’s inspired by normal guys.”

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