In their own words: Amanda Swan of The Little Pharma

AIB Start-up Academy finalist, and co-founder of The Little Pharma, Amanda Swan talks about their lightbulb moment, target audience and how their business solves a problem

Amanda Swan of The Little Pharma Ltd tells the story of her startup: 

“I was suffering from a slipped disc and trapped sciatic nerve and found natural remedies a much more effective treatment than big pharma medication. We started to educate ourselves further on this subject and found wheat grass and barley grass juice to be just two of the most all round natural foods. We found it quite difficult to find a consistent supply of barley and wheatgrass so we started growing our own. We saw that consumers also struggled to source a consistent supply and most wanted a more convenient product than having to grow and juice the grasses themselves. This was the spark for The Little Pharma Ltd product range and we now sell in a variety of retail outlets. 

“Our products provide a convenient way of consuming wheat grass and barley grass juice and also maximize the enzyme, nutrient and vitamins absorbed due to our proprietary process and bottling technique. All our shots are natural, made with organic, non GMO seeds, free from artificial colours, preservatives and flavours. They currently have certified extended shelf life, due to the innovative high pressure pasteurisation technique which does not affect the live enzymes or nutritional content, due to their molecular structure, unlike powdered, tablet or freeze dried forms.” 

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