In their own words: Ailbhe Keane of Izzy Wheels

AIB Start-up Academy finalist, and founder of Izzy Wheels, Ailbhe Keane talks about her lightbulb moment, target audience and how Izzy Wheels solves a problem

“Izzy Wheels was inspired by my little sister Isabel who was born with spina bifida and as a result is paralysed from her waist down. She has been a wheelchair user all her life and growing up it really frustrated her how little was available to her to personalise her chair. Izzy Wheels are a range of personalised spoke guards for wheelchairs that transforms them from more than a medical device, it also becomes a piece of fashion and self-expression. 

“When I was in my final year in The National College of Art and Design I created Izzy Wheels to make Isabel feel empowered about her wheelchair. I named it after her and our tagline became “If you can’t stand up, stand out.” They come in a range of prints and patterns. We are Dublin-based and launched our online store in September 2016 and have been taking orders from Ireland, Europe and the USA. 

“Izzy Wheels are easily attached to the wheel and swapped to go with different outfits or occasions. I see the impact and delight Izzy Wheels have made on my sister’s life, and I want wheelchair users everywhere to experience this sense of pride.”

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