Teeling plans a ‘konnichiwa’ for new whiskey markets

Jack Teeling surely had a "sup o' the crathur" to celebrate the announcement this week of Teeling Whiskey Company's new €10 million distillery and visitor centre in Dublin's Liberties. If he pulls off his grand plan, he'll surely have a few sups more.

Teeling, son of serial exploration investor John, told our scribe at the launch that the company hopes to crack the mega-lucrative US and Japanese markets.

The US push is to be expected, given the Irish whiskey surge there led by Jameson. Japan will be harder to crack – most Asians' penchant is for Scotch whisky.

Teeling’s plan is to ride in on the back of Japanese giant Suntory’s $13 billion acquisition of Beam, which last year bought John Teeling’s Cooley distillery.


“[They] will hopefully push awareness of how great Irish whiskey is. We’d like to piggyback on the back of that as its going to be the next area of growth,” said Teeling.

Suntory’s Cooley brands will have a head start. But those crafty Teelings don’t miss a trick.