Some little things . . .


It’s better known as Mops but from later this month Irish law firm Matheson Ormsby Prentice will be known just as Matheson. The move to simplify the name is a nod towards its international clients, who account for about 70 per cent of business. The firm has been using the Matheson name in its US offices for some time.

Dublin sports surfaces company Support in Sport has laid the foundations for future growth this week by taking a 25 per cent stake in UK-based Qudos Growth for a six-figure sum.

Qudos specialises in making and installing LED (light emitting diodes) grow lights for sport, horticulture and gardening.

These reduce carbon emissions and are more efficient in plant response when compared with existing sodium lighting.

SIS is on a strong run, netting contracts to lay pitches for Real Madrid and Barcelona this year.


Eye-care group Vision Express is planning a €250,000 revamp of its store in Blanchardstown and is also looking at a makeover in Henry Street, Dublin, and expansion in Galway.

The Blanchardstown shop will be a mini version of the swanky £1.8 million flagship branch opened last week in Oxford Street, London.

“It’s a sign of our intent in the South ,” chief executive Jonathan Lawson told me last week. “We’re having a more positive year there this year.”