Crosaire No 16563 by Crossheir – Saturday, February 10, 2018

Sat, Feb 10, 2018, 22:00


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1 The snooker player who can’t pot a ball (WITHOUT A BREAK) – presumably he’s working through it (WITHOUT A BREAK),

10 Current (I-) caught (-C-) diving waterbird (grebe = -EBERG) coming back (= reversal indicator) (ICEBERG) – it’s seen as a danger to shipping (ICEBERG),

11 Crafty type (-ART-) in car (M-INI) (MARTINI) one associates with Bond (MARTINI),

12 Fraudster (cheat) loses the head (c) (‘cheat’ without ‘c’ = HEAT) with the pressure the police produced locally (HEAT),

13 Belted out (sang = GNAS-) review (= reversal indicator) hard (-H) (GNASH) on the grind (GNASH),

15 Unhappy (sad = DAS-) retiring (= reversal indicator) from hotel (-H) (DASH) in Rush (rush/hurry = DASH),

17 Flighty type (TIT songbird) covers up attitude (covers up ‘attitude’ = TIT),

19 DUP (DUP = UPD-) unsettled (= anagram indicator) by revolutionary (= reversal indicator) paramilitaries’ (ETA = -ATE) (UPDATE) reform (UPDATE),

21 Fragment of Thomas Aquinas’s autobiography (fragment of ‘Thomas Aquinass autobiography’ = NASSAU) is found in The Bahamas (NASSAU),

22 A foreign (a = UN-) routine (-USUAL) (UNUSUAL) from a type of novel (novel/different = UNUSUAL),

23 Show up (ATTEND) to lure out of laundrette (‘lure’ out of ‘laundrette’ = andtte = ATTEND),

25 Bar (PUB-) opens letting in criminals (opens letting in criminals = -LIC) (PUBLIC) – it concerns the people (PUBLIC),

27 Druggie dismissed rude (‘druggie’ dismissed ‘rude’ = ggi = GIG) job in the club (GIG),

29 Rows (OARS) in Genoa away from no-go areas (‘Genoa’ away from ‘no-go areas’ = oras = OARS),

30 Primate (-APE-) consumed by credit (C-R) (CAPER) for monkey business (CAPER),

31 Drink (SODA) from bottle in Valparaíso dairy (bottle in ‘Valparaíso dairy’ = SODA),

34 Company (BRIGADE) with European capital (-RIGA- capital of Latvia) on deposit initially (deposit initially = -D-) in Belgium (B-E) (BRIGADE),

35 Engineer (= anagram indicator) testing (testing  = SETTING) in background (SETTING),

36 Comic (WIT-) is high (-H-), absent (-OUT) and has something to be sorry about (REGRET) WITHOUT REGRET) in the absence of remorse (WITHOUT REGRET).


2 Cook (= anagram indicator) ran deli (ran deli = IRELAND) on the edge of Europe (IRELAND),

3 Take into account (HEED) there’s no spice in cheese dip (there’s no ‘spice’ in ‘cheese dip’ = heed = HEED),

4 Old city (UR-) fellow (-GENT) (URGENT) demands immediate action (URGENT),

5 Old master has no red (‘old master’ has no ‘red’ = olmast = ALMOST) to all intents and purposes (ALMOST),

6 Facet missing from aftercare (‘facet’ missing from ‘aftercare‘ = erar = RARE) tends to be hard to find (RARE),

7 Article (AN-) on a slim (a slim = -IMALS) novel (= anagram indicator) (ANIMALS) from The Kingdom (ANIMALS from the animal kingdom),

8 Lacking (WITHOUT) a (A) reservation (DOUBT) (WITHOUT A DOUBT), for sure (WITHOUT A DOUBT),

9 It doesn’t cost anything (WITHOUT CHARGE) to accompany (WITH-) to The Open (-OUT) with protégé (ward/dependent = CHARGE) (WITHOUT CHARGE),

14 Sounds like descendants (“heirs” = “airs” = AIRS-) following latest trends (-HIP) (AIRSHIP) up in Sky (AIRSHIP),

16 Overcharged local (STUNG), as there’s no roe in sturgeon (there’s no ‘roe’ in ‘sturgeon’ = stugn = STUNG),

18 The benefit (VALUE) of Dell (dell/hollow = VAL-E) embracing university (-U-) (VALUE),

20 The butt, for instance (butt END), is a bit of the Golden Delicious (is a bit of the ‘Golden Delicious’ = END),

21 Some abandon a programme (some ‘abandon a programme’ = NAP) for break in the afternoon (NAP),

24 Short (m) name (‘term’ without ‘m’ = TER-) for vehicle (-MINI) (TERMINI) in bus stations (TERMINI),

26 Pay tribute to (LIONISE) legionaries dropping gear (‘legionaries’ dropping ‘ gear’ = lionies = LIONISE),

27 Foremost grappa (foremost grappa = G-) drink (-TEA-) consumed in precious type (gold = Au = -A-U) (GATEAU) of cake (GATEAU),

28 We hear (= homophone indicator) old London type (“geezer” = “GEYSER”) blows off steam (GEYSER),

32 Change (CASH) in the banks came out in the wash (in the banks ‘came out in the wash’ = CASH),

33 For the men only (STAG) in Fleet exiting stage left (‘Fleet’ exiting ‘stage left’ = stag = STAG).