Crosaire No 16562 by Crossheir – Friday, February 9, 2018

Fri, Feb 9, 2018, 22:00


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8 One of good books (ROMANS / Bible) opened by 13 down (“Roman a clef” = ROMAN-) at school (-S) (ROMANS),

9 Europeans (ITALIANS) similar to those in 8 across (ITALIANS / “Romans”),

10 Tennis player releases internal (‘tennis player’ releases ‘internal’ = spye = ESPY) notice (notice/catch sight of = ESPY),

11 Most of those in 8 across (most of “Romans” = ROMAN) club (BAT-) together, heading on holiday (heading on holiday -H-) bender (-S bend) (ROMAN BATHS) in old spas (ROMAN BATHS),

12 Muslim leader (SHERIF) in political party (Sinn Fein  = S-F) embraces that woman (-HER-) close to his heart (his heart = -I-) (SHERIF),

14 No harems (no harems = HORSEMAN) organised (= anagram indicator) by one of those looking after Arabians (Arabian horses / HORSEMAN)

15 Study (ROOM) mood (TEMPER-) – a (-A-) true (true = -TURE) appraisal (= anagram indicator) (ROOM TEMPERATURE) of what affects drinking red wine indoors (ROOM TEMPERATURE),

18 Penny (P-) ain’t (-AINT) Kitty (kitty/purse = POT) (PAINT POT) or one of those holding The Gloss (PAINT POT),

20 Local thug (MUSCLE) would be legless without it (MUSCLE),

22 Drum’s (PERCUSSION drums) corpse in US (corpse in US  = PERCUSSION) laid out (= anagram indicator),

24 Surgeon discharges one (‘surgeon’ discharges ‘one’ = surg = RUGS) of the runners (RUGS),

25 Confront (FACE) group of wolves (PACK) (FACE PACK) – it might save one’s skin (FACE PACK),

26 Motorway (-MI-) goes through Lough (Lough ER-NE) (ERMINE) in regal Trim (regal/ceremonial trim on garments = ERMINE / white stoat fur).


1 Soup (BORSCH or borscht) in mug (rob = BOR-) taken up (= reversal indicator) by barman (senior counsel = -SC-) is hot (-H) (BORSCH),

2 Service (NAVY) is dire coming out of vineyard (is ‘dire’ coming out of ‘vineyard’ = vnya = NAVY),

3 Junkie (USER -) joins party (Sinn Féin = -S F-) with couple of pills (ecstasy = E = -EE) (USER‘S FEE) in payment for rent (USER’S FEE),

4 Irish men (Irish ‘men’ = FIR-) married (-M) (FIRM) to the job (FIRM),

5 Upsetting (= reversal indicator) retweet (retweet = rt = T-R) about (= reverse indicator) girl (-ANNE-) (TANNER) working on leather material (TANNER working on leather material),

6 Engineer (= anagram indicator) is great, etc., (is great etc = CIGARETTES) on what causes the smoke (CIGARETTES),

7 Lost (= anagram indicator) hairnet (hairnet = IN THE A-R) going around island (-I-) (IN THE AIR) on the wind (IN THE AIR),

13 Half of those in 11 across (half of “Roman baths” = ROMAN) account (A C-) for what’s left (left) short (t) (‘left’ without ‘t’ = -LEF) (ROMAN A CLEF) in novel about real people (ROMAN A CLEF),

14 Get lost (HOP IT!) in endless trendy (endless trendy/ ‘hot’ = HO-) space for musicians (pit = -PI T) (HOP IT),

16 Tests the Greek (ORAL EXAM), in a manner of speaking (ORAL), on paper (EXAM) (ORAL EXAM),

17 Oscar men (Oscar men = ROMANCES) rewriting (= anagram indicator) love stories (ROMANCES),

19 Italian food (PASTAS) history (PAST-) opens as satire (opens as satire = -AS) (PASTAS),

21 Stage (LEG-) to finish (-END) (LEGEND) in fairy tale surroundings (LEGEND),

23 Loses the head (l) with relationships (‘links’ = INKS) as they leave indelible marks (INKS),

24 State (= homophone indicator) travel (“roam” = “ROME”) for those in 8 across (ROME is for the “Romans”).