Crosaire No 16561 by Crossheir – Thursday, February 8, 2018

Thu, Feb 8, 2018, 22:00


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1 New (= anagram indicator) purse (purse = SUPER-) for top boxer (top boxer = -B) (SUPERB) is remarkable (SUPERB),

4 Notice in (notice in = NICOTINE) complex (= anagram indicator) doesn’t do health any good (NICOTINE),

9 One Direction (north = N-) is not going to be late with the timing (-EARLY) (NEARLY), more or less (NEARLY),

10 Bed (-COT-) is large (-L-) in ocean liner (ocean liner = S-AND) (SCOTLAND) produced in the UK (SCOTLAND),

12 Throw a party (ENTERTAIN) for Pierce (pierce/go into = ENTER-) and Tina (Tina = -TAIN) Cook (= anagram indicator) (ENTERTAIN),

13 What’s the chances (chances/bets = EVENS) of revelations dismissing tailor? (‘revelations’ dismissing ‘tailor’ = evens = EVENS),

14 Advisory board (COMMISSION-) in hospital (-ER) (COMMISSIONER) has a say in how 18 across is run (COMMISSIONER has a say in how “Scotland Yard” is run),

18 10 across (“Scotland” = SCOTLAND) has background (back ground = YARD) (SCOTLAND YARD) in a foreign police service (SCOTLAND YARD),

21 Nice religious title (Nice, France ‘religious title’ = Abbé = ABBE-) for yard (-Y) (ABBEY) and for those arranging play (ABBEY theatre),

22 Overshadowing (ECLIPSING) the organising of cover-up in The Sun (ECLIPSING),

24 Endless (end less = S-) march (-PACE) to pub (BAR) (SPACE BAR) is key and a long one at that (SPACE BAR key on computer),

25 Short (g) season (‘spring’ without ‘g’ = SPRIN-) for first team (first team = -T) (SPRINT) in Rush (rush = SPRINT),

26 Swear the (swear the = WREATHES) make-up (= anagram indicator) covers in a roundabout way (WREATHES),

27 There’s no gossip in presupposing (there’s no ‘gossip’ in ‘presupposing’ = preupn = PRE-NUP) the family lawyer probably encouraged this (PRE-NUP).


1 The criminal says the judge gave him one (SENTENCE) line on paper (SENTENCE),

2 Period in the abbey (period in The Abbey = PLAYTIME) is a diversion for the children after school (PLAYTIME)

3 Has the measure of most things (RULER) in the castle (RULER),

5 Grief stricken (INCONSOLABLE) in Ben’s colonial (Ben’s colonial = INCONSOLABLE) building (= anagram indicator),

6 Getting better (ON THE MEND) broadcast (ON) by The Others (them = THE M-) for finale (-END) (ON THE MEND),

7 Drawings (IMAGES) upset (= reversal indicator) great amount of heads (great amount of heads = GA = -AG-) in house (semi = IM-ES) (IMAGES),

8 Director (-D-) in steel (steel = EL-EST) works (= anagram indicator) (ELDEST) is the first to arrive (ELDEST),

11 Recording (CASSETTE TAPE) of group of players (CAS-T-) including collection (-SET-) that’s key (music key -E) to band (TAPE) (CASSETTE TAPE),

15 What Chinese torture gives one (Chinese tickle torture / ITCHY FEET) keeps the travellers on their toes (ITCHY FEET),

16 Crazy (= anagram indicator) maniac (maniac = MA-CIAN) entertains soldier (-GI-) (MAGICIAN) by pulling rabbits out of a hat (MAGICIAN),

17 Strange outfit (ODD GET-UP) is not even (ODD) on rise (GET UP) (ODD GET-UP),

19 Serve up (= reversal indicator) fresh (raw = WAR-) starters of salad and wings (starters of salad and wings = -SAW) (WARSAW) in European capital (WARSAW),

20 Sailor (able-bodied seaman = AB-) to take it easy (-LAZE) (ABLAZE) after being fired perhaps (ABLAZE),

23 Consequently, he will have to pay (pay the PIPER) parking (-P-) in middle of fishing spot  (middle of PI-ER) (PIPER).