Crosaire No 16560 by Crossheir – Wednesday, February 7, 2018

Wed, Feb 7, 2018, 22:00


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8 Misogamist has no gist (‘misogamist’ has no ‘gist’ = moamis = MIMOSA) this is a champagne cocktail (MIMOSA),

9 Is cowardly (UNHEROIC) to a nice (Nice, French ‘a’ = UN-) gallant (-HEROIC) (UNHEROIC),

10 Look in on (CALL) borders of Californian Bluebell (borders of ‘Californian Bluebell’  = CALL),

11 Couple of views (eye + witness = EYE-WITNESS) (EYEWITNESS) in The Observer? (EYEWITNESS),

12 Producers (CAUSES) of fishy (= anagram indicator) sauces (sauces = CAUSES),

14 Miserable (sad = DAS-) review of (= reversal indicator) Sikh’s (Sikhs = -HIKIS) novel (= anagram indicator) (DASHIKIS) by African, shirty type (DASHIKIS),

15 Making something clear (TRAINING) to potential bachelors (COLLEGE) (TRAINING COLLEGE) from educational institute (TRAINING COLLEGE),

18 Suspicious tendencies (PARANOIA) of soldier (PARA-) on a small charge (ion = -NOI-) arising (= reversal indicator) from being absent (-A) (PARANOIA),

20 Criminal (= anagram indicator) despot (despot = POSTED) strung up on line (POSTED online),

22 Teams (teams = STEAM) working (= anagram indicator) for the golfers (IRONS) (STEAM IRONS) are plugged into those interested in The Press (STEAM IRONS),

24 The shortest of distances (step = PETS) upsets (= reversal indicator) the favourites (PETS),

25 Impossible (NO CHANCE) to set-up (= reversal indicator) broadcast (on = NO) opportunity (CHANCE) (NO CHANCE),

26 Identifying (NAMING) G-Man in (G-Man in = NAMING) trouble (= anagram indicator) (NAMING).


1 Cyril leaves acrylic acid (‘cyril’ leaves ‘acrylic acid’ = acacid = CICADA) with chirpy, annoying sort (CICADA),

2 French occupation of Libya starts (French occupation of Libya starts = FOOL) with double cross (FOOL),

3 Travel overseas (WATERSKI) with women (W-) to make inquiries (-A-SK-) about tips for the English roses (tips for the English roses = -TER-) on island (-I) (WATERSKI),

4 Temptation (LURE) to change (= anagram indicator) rule (rule = LURE),

5 Meeting leaders perhaps (CHAIRS lead meetings) misrepresented (= anagram indicator) as rich (as rich = CHAIRS),

6 Golden rules (PRINCIPLES) for leading actors (“principals” = “PRINCIPLES”) on the radio (= homophone indicator),

7 Cut first piece of (b) cheese (‘brie‘ without ‘b’ = RIE-) to go with small (-S-) fish (-LING) (RIESLING) and white wine (RIESLING),

13 Leave the port (SAIL A YACHT) to go around Ireland, for instance (SAIL A YACHT),

14 Blind faith (DOGMA) in plague (plague = DOG-) linked to Mao (Mao) briefly (o) (‘Mao’ without ‘o’ = -MA) (DOGMA),

16 Complicated (= anagram indicator) creation (creation = REACTION) can have this effect on some people (REACTION),

17 Going against (OPPOSING) old (O-) president (-P-) assuming a certain position (-POSING) (OPPOSING),

19 Knowing one’s stuff (knowing one’s ONIONS) could make one cry (ONIONS),

21 Spin out (EXTEND) part in next Endeavour (part in ‘next Endeavour’ = EXTEND),

23 Don’t ignore (OBEY) leaders overtaken by events (leaders overtaken by events = OBE-) on Fourth of July (fourth of July = -Y) (OBEY),

24 Backing (= reversal indicator) up (up = PU-) British politician (-MP) (PUMP) – the one on his bike (PUMP).