Crosaire No 16559 by Crossheir – Tuesday, February 6, 2018

Tue, Feb 6, 2018, 22:00


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1 Great footballer (Pele = PE-LE) rings guesthouse (B&B = -BB-) (PEBBLE) in Little Rock (PEBBLE),

4 Colts and (colts and = SCOTLAND) rifles (= anagram indicator) produced by English neighbour (SCOTLAND),

9 European river (River Ob = OB-) heading for Liege (Liege) is empty (e) (‘Liege’ without ‘e’ = -LIGE) (OBLIGE) – do me a favour! (OBLIGE),

10 Decorate (DRESS-) with precious material (silver = -AG-) from Spain (-E) (DRESSAGE) for Arabian display, for example (Arabian/horse display, for example = DRESSAGE),

12 Lines up an (lines up an = PENINSULA) adaptation (= anagram indicator) with ideal setting for The Lighthouse (PENINSULA),

13 The greatest (‘the greatest’ = Muhammad ALI-) supporting film (-B- film) unit (-I) (ALIBI) provides reason why The Suspect is released (ALIBI),

14 What poseur might have to say (poseur might say CHEESE-) for G-Men or (G-men or = -MONGER) criminal (= anagram indicator) (CHEESEMONGER) working in the dairy industry (CHEESEMONGER),

18 Captain of industry (MANUFACTURER) makes things up (MANUFACTURER),

21 It’s hard (ROUGH) returning or (or = RO-) saying something disgusting (-UGH) (ROUGH),

22 Paper (TELEGRAPH) in the post (TELEGRAPH post),

24 Is Facebook (F- B-) accommodating Fake News? (-LYING) Yes, (-Y) (FLYING BY) and that’s sailing close to the wind! (FLYING BY),

25 Puts pen to paper (AUTHOR) in chapter house releasing speech (‘chapter house’ releasing ‘speech’ = atrhou = AUTHOR),

26 Dispirited (SADDENED) by enigmatic (= anagram indicator) dead ends (dead ends = SADDENED),

27 Problems (MESSES) with local pickle stew? (locally in a ‘pickle’ = in a mess + in a ‘stew’ = mess x 2 = MESSES).


1 Pops cert (pops cert = PROSPECT) out (= anagram indicator) in anticipation (PROSPECT),

2 Sound (BALANCED) from stable? (BALANCED),

3 Aim to leave Mongolia (‘aim’ to leave ‘Mongolia’ = ongol = LOG ON) – it’s the only way to get into surfing (LOG ON),

5 Disastrous outcome locally (CURTAIN-S) around Ring (ring = CALL-) (CURTIAN CALLS) for those play-acting when it’s all over (CURTIAN CALLS),

6 Untrue (= anagram indicator) statement (statement = TESTAMENT) provided by witness (TESTAMENT),

7 Bill (AD-) is at the bar (Attorney General = -AG-) before ten (-IO) (ADAGIO) – that’s slow for a musician (ADAGIO),

8 It’s the job of the man downstairs (DO EVIL  = what the devil/man downstairs will do) to party (DO) and live (live = EVIL) it up (= reversal indicator) (DO EVIL)

11 Cope with (cope with = SURMOUNT-) first victim? (“Abel” = “-ABLE”) Heard (= homophone indicator) (SURMOUNTABLE) it can be done! (SURMOUNTABLE),

15 Was Moses responsible for this watery mutation (held back the waters of Red Sea = SEA CHANGE) or transformation? (SEA CHANGE),

16 Whispers (BREATHES) – heart (heart = -REATH-) broken (= anagram indicator) in Belgium (B-E-) society (-S) (BREATHES),

17 Old (O-) church member (Roman Catholic = -RC-) is strict (-HARD-) on self-starter (self-starter = -S) (ORCHARDS) and those with the plum jobs perhaps (ORCHARDS),

19 Novel (= anagram indicator) facts (facts  = C-AFTS) about writing (from the 3Rs = -R-) (CRAFTS) couple of versions of Titanic (CRAFTS),

20 You’d be (you’d be = BUOYED) wrong (= anagram indicator) to be lifted by this (BUOYED),

23 Returns (= reversal indicator), for example (e.g. = G-E), over one of the summer months (-AUG-) (GAUGE) with estimate (GAUGE).