Crosaire No 16558 by Crossheir – Monday, February 5, 2018

Mon, Feb 5, 2018, 22:00


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8 Hub off the autobahns (‘hub’ off the ‘autobahns’ = atoans = SONATA) coming from the concert hall (SONATA),

9 Pal’s limo (Pal’s limo = OIL LAMPS) breaks (= anagram indicator) old lights (OIL LAMPS),

10 Lost (lost = LOTS) out (= anagram indicator) in the auction room (LOTS),

11 Bawdy (DIRTY) joke (TRICK) (DIRTY TRICK) is typical of corrupt politician (DIRTY TRICK),

12 It’s an unfounded rumour (CANARD) tap dancers missed step (‘tap dancers‘ missed ‘step’ = adancr = CANARD),

14 Removal assistant (FORKLIFT) in favour of (pro = FOR-) taking the weekend (week end = -K-) to get a shot in the arm (-LIFT) (FORKLIFT),

15 Open land (HEA-TH) around large (-L-) hedge (INSURANCE) (HEALTH INSURANCE) is essential when one requires treatment (HEALTH INSURANCE),

18 Paint a picture of (DESCRIBE) date (D-) with English (= -E-) writer (-SCRIBE) (DESCRIBE),

20 In agreement (ONSIDE) to switch (ON-) from Leinster (-SIDE) (ONSIDE),

22 The cheek (WHAT A NERVE) of centre forward (centre ‘forward’= W-), bowler (-HAT) and leading actor (leading actor = A) on the bottle locally (‘bottle’ locally = NERVE) (WHAT A NERVE),

24 Naval base perhaps (HULL of a boat/navel base) in English port (HULL),

25 Describes haughty person (ARROGANT) with tarragon (tarragon = ARROGANT) salad (= anagram indicator),

26 Engineering (E-) lift (raise) is empty (i) (‘raise‘ without ‘i’  = -RASE-) on fifth floor (fifth floor = -R) (ERASER) for fixing error (ERASER).


1 Surprise (Cor! = COR-) broadcast (-ON-) and article (-A) (CORONA) seen in The Sun? (CORONA),

2 They run hot and cold (TAPS) in past (past = TAPS) confusion (= anagram indicator),

3 Turns up (= reversal indicator), had (had = - DAH) papers (ID papers = - DI-) for Henry (Hal = LAH-) (LAH-DI-DAH) stuck-up (LAH-DI-DAH),

4 Heath (MOOR) reviews (= reversal indicator) volume (room = MOOR),

5 Post (P-) is mysteriously (= anagram indicator) early (early = -LAYER) (PLAYER), in part (PLAYER is in part),

6 Most of (e) those in supervision (‘care’ without ‘e’ = CAR-) taken in by jobs in the army (PATROL -S) (PATROL CARS) driven by the police (PATROL CARS),

7 Turn (= reversal indicator) mushrooms (ceps = SPEC-) in that case (-IF-) for one (-I-) colourful starter (colourful starter = -C) (SPECIFIC) in particular (SPECIFIC),

13 That’s your lot (ALLOCATION) at colonial (at colonial = ALLOCATION) building (= anagram indicator),

14 Conferences excluded crones (‘conferences’ excluded ‘crones’ = feenc = FENCE) with local dealer (FENCE),

16 Lines of characters (EYE CHART) might be seen through rose-tinted glasses (EYE CHART),

17 Still under wraps (UNOPENED) in organisation (United Nations = UN-) with old (-O-) pair of writers (pen + ed = -PENED) (UNOPENED),

19 Organisation rejects argots (‘organisation’ rejects ‘argots = niaion = IONIAN) produced by old Greek islander (IONIAN),

21 Deadly plot (DOLMEN tomb) in old (old = DOL-) play (= anagram indicator) with workers (-MEN) (DOLMEN),

23 Judge (RATE) offering informer (RAT-) last chance (last chance = -E) (RATE),

24 Therapist dismisses trips (‘therapist’ dismisses ‘trips’ = heat = HEAT) in hot spell (HEAT).