Crosaire No 16557 by Crossheir – Saturday, February 3, 2018

Sat, Feb 3, 2018, 22:00


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1 Character (LETTER) gets porter (CARRIER) (LETTER CARRIER) by US Postal (LETTER CARRIER / postman),

10 Old (ELDERLY) wild (= anagram indicator) yell (yell = EL-LY) about revolutionary (red = -DER-) giving up (= reversal indicator) (ELDERLY),

11 One (I-) foreign politician (-MP-) gets to travel around (-ROVE) (IMPROVE) to get better (IMPROVE),

12 Tips for shoes (TOES) for baritones with no brain (‘baritones’ with no ‘brain’ = toes = TOES),

13 Refine to perfection (-HONE) after (= position indicator) pressure (P-) (PHONE) from Ring (PHONE),

15 Collectively, the leading types today (collectively, all the ‘letters’ on the sides = POST) at The Gate (POST / pillar is at the gate),

17 Granny Smith hasn’t anything (‘Granny Smith’ hasn’t ‘anything’ = rsm = MRS) to address (MRS),

19 Store (store = RESO-T) scheme (= anagram indicator) covers reading (from the 3Rs = -R-) (RESORT) option for those going on holiday (RESORT),

21 Post (P-) is mysteriously (= anagram indicator) early (early = -LAYER) (PLAYER), in part (PLAYER is in part),

22 A person in Ring (REFEREE in boxing ring) gets to pass on (REFER-) a number of drugs (E+E = -EE) (REFEREE),

23 Fair prize (fair prize = RIBBON) for absorbing the release of gas (‘absorbing’ without ‘gas’ = borbin = RIBBON),

25 Come into view (APPEAR) to hear (= homophone indicator) a member of the British nobility (“a peer” = “APPEAR”),

27 Permit (LET) covers vehicle traffic (covers ‘vehicle traffic’ = LET),

29 Sounds like instant (instant/second = TICK) credit? (TICK),

30 Imagined spilling gin (‘imagined’ spilling ‘gin’ = imaed = MEDIA) from the press (the Press = MEDIA),

31 Sample of chickpea stew (sample of ‘chickpea stew’ = EAST) from the Orient (EAST),

34 The most full-bodied (RICHEST) top Riesling (top Riesling = R-) is opened (is opened = -I-) from the case (-CHEST) (RICHEST),

35 Disturb (= anagram indicator) hornets (hornets = SHORTEN) by a bridge? (a bridge = abridge = SHORTEN),

36 For example, a (a = LETTER) superlative (PERFECT) (LETTER-PERFECT) noteworthy type that’s 100 per cent correct (LETTER-PERFECT).


2 Finishes off (ends) Trim (e) (‘ends’ without ‘s’ = END-) takeaway (take away = -LESS) (ENDLESS) – it’s nonstop (ENDLESS),

3 Some prominent art deco (some ‘prominent art deco’ = TART) type of bakery (TART),

4 Regiment (R-) in the end (= positional indicator) finds awful (= anagram indicator) myth (myth = YTHM) initially hard (initially hard = -H-) (RHYTHM) to beat (RHYTHM),

5 American (A-) lines (lines = -LIENS) out (= anagram indicator) (ALIENS) with foreigners (ALIENS),

6 Operates out East (‘operates’ out ‘East’ = opre = ROPE) and it’s secure? (ROPE),

7 Financial management (ECONOMY) firm (-CO-) taken in by criminal (= anagram indicator) money (money = E-NOMY) (ECONOMY),

8 Presumably, they posted their views (LETTER WRITERS) of St Paul and St Peter (LETTER WRITERS),

9 Figure (LETTER) with novel project (WRITING) (LETTER WRITING) putting pen to paper (LETTER WRITING),

14 Demanded (ORDERED) pals get off rope ladders (‘pals’ get off ‘rope ladders‘ = roedder = ORDERED),

16 It’s a sign (ARROW) of what’s raw or (raw or = ARROW) off (= anagram indicator),

18 Was out (SLEPT) of school (S-) and heartlessly (a) took the plunge (‘leapt’ without ‘a’ = -LEPT) (SLEPT),

20 A number (TEN) of hit men missed him? (‘hit men’ missed ‘him’ = ten = TEN),

21 Some appearances (some ‘appearances’ = PEA) of one of those in the plot (PEA in the garden plot / allotment),

24 Impeccably drawn out map (‘impeccably’ without ‘map’ = ieccbly = BICYCLE) for The Tour de France (BICYCLE),

26 Band (ELASTIC band) for Castile (Castile = ELASTIC) restoration (= anagram indicator),

27 Note (LETTER) what’s leading for all sides today (LETTER on all sides of today’s grid),

28 Car (model T-) instalment (instalment/edition = -ISSUE) (TISSUE) in The Paper (TISSUE paper),

32 Hard (H-) to swallow (-EAT) (HEAT) in high temperature (HEAT),

33 Advertise local (advertise local/flog = GOLF) wheel (= reversal indicator) for those doing the driving (GOLF).