Crosaire No 16556 by Crossheir – Friday, February 2, 2018

Fri, Feb 2, 2018, 22:00


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8 Party (D-O) admits lots (many = -YNAM-) retiring (= reversal indicator) (DYNAMO) could be full of energy (DYNAMO),

9 Drawn out (LONG) for State’s (states = homophone indicator) concert venue (“hall” = “HAUL” = – HAUL) (LONG HAUL) for some considerable time (LONG HAUL),

10 Sustain (keep = PEEK) retiring (= reversal indicator) spy (PEEK),

11 Dress (= anagram indicator) tried on, etc., (tried on etc = CREDIT NOTE) presumably can be exchanged in the shop for something else (CREDIT NOTE),

12 Damage (IMPAIR) one (I-) foreign politician (-MP-) on radio (on radio = on air = -AIR) (IMPAIR),

14 Popular (IN-) square (-T-square) on island (-I-) – coming from the ship (shipmate = – MATE) (INTIMATE), it’s very familiar (INTIMATE),

15 Summits (CONFERENCES) after (= positional indicator) 24 across (“news” = NEWS) (NEWS CONFERENCES) attended by American journalists (NEWS CONFERENCES / press conference),

18 Carol (SING-) joins university (University of Limerick = -UL-) artist (RA = -AR) – on reflection (= reversal indicator) (SINGULAR) it’s a one-off (SINGULAR),

20 It’s utter madness (LUNACY) as there’s no greener part of Nuclear Energy (as there no ‘greener’ part of ‘nuclear energy’ = nuclay = LUNACY),

22 Record (list = LI- -ST) covers time (-T-) and something essential (must = -MUS T-) from start of extradition (start of ‘extradition’ = -E-) (LITMUS TEST) – it’s indicative of the ultimate trial (the ultimate trial/test = LITMUS TEST),

24 Press release (NEWS) with all of the points? (north, east, west, south = NEWS),

25 Start off transplanting (‘start’ off ‘transplanting’ = nplaning = PLANNING) by sketching out the plot (PLANNING),

26 Conversationalist dismisses sensational (‘conversationalist’ dismisses ‘sensational’ = covrti = VICTOR) winner (VICTOR).


1 Made up (= anagram indicator) my clue (my clue = LYCEUM) in Aristotle’s garden (LYCEUM),

2 Starting to disembark (starting to ‘disembark’ = D-) from old ship (-ARK) (DARK) in poor light (DARK),

3 Show (CONCERT-) nothing (-O) (CONCERTO) of musical composition (CONCERTO),

4 One of the Bushes (SLOE bush) isn’t very smart (“slow” = “SLOE”) on the radio (= homophone indicator),

5 Consecrate with oil (ANOINT) from corrupt (= anagram indicator) nation (nation = ANOINT),

6 Phone men on (phone men on = PHENOMENON) building (= anagram indicator) – in fact, that needs to be explained? (PHENOMENON),

7 You’ll read this at the end of the film from Cannes (SUBTITLE) short reserve player (short substitute = SUB-) is a target for every team in the Championship (the -TITLE is a target for every team in the Championship League) (SUBTITLE),

13 Sounds like (= homophone indicator) a warning (“a sign” = “assign” = ASSIGN-) from workers (-MEN-) getting tense (-T) (ASSIGNMENT) in one of The Projects (ASSIGNMENT),

14 Work out (INFER) for certain, actor is missing (‘for certain’ without ‘actor’ = ferin = INFER),

16 Is entitled (ELIGIBLE) to be a single chap (ELIGIBLE bachelor),

17 Butchers (= anagram indicator) eat liver (eat liver = RELATIVE) with flesh and blood (RELATIVE),

19 Caramelises without cream (‘caramelises’ without ‘cream’ = alises = LASSIE) produced by girl from Edinburgh (LASSIE),

21 Some builder’s reputation (COWBOY builder) for being a stockholder (stock holder = COWBOY).

23 Learn to leave legendary (‘learn’ to leave ‘legendary’ = gedy = EDGY) nervous type (EDGY),

24 Slight cut (NICK) on both sides for nip and tuck (on both sides for ‘nip and tuck’ = NICK).