Crosaire No 16555 by Crossheir – Thursday, February 1, 2018

Thu, Feb 1, 2018, 22:00


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1 The foreign (the = LA-) investigation (-TEST) (LATEST) is in Vogue (LATEST),

4 A measure of The Paper (FOOLSCAP) for 21 across (“fools” = FOOLS-) and Cork (cork/lid = -CAP) (FOOLSCAP),

9 Deceived (FOOLED) half of those in 4 across (half of “foolscap” = FOOL-) running the paper (-ED) (FOOLED),

10 It’s nothing (O-) to do with loud (loud/forte = - F-) inaccurate (= anagram indicator) source (source = COURSE) (OF COURSE) naturally (OF COURSE),

12 Flighty type (BULLFINCH) of market optimist (stock market person who buys/sells = BULL-) meets end in Paris (Paris/French ‘end’ = -FIN-) church (-CH) (BULLFINCH),

13 Run for union (ELOPE) deep inside stainless steel operation (ELOPE is deep inside stainless ‘steel operation’),

14 Looking for a bucket of steam (A FOOL’S ERRAND) is key (A) to 21 across (“fools” = FOOL’S) – and that’s the message (ERRAND) (A FOOL’S ERRAND),

18 Lay low (INTER-) after (= positional indicator) college (-C-) booze-up (session) off the head (s) (‘session‘ without ‘s’ = -ESSION) (INTERCESSION) – the man upstairs will certainly hear about it from someone else (INTERCESSION),

21 Plays around (FOOLS) with footballers dropping Albert (‘footballers’ dropping ‘Albert’ = fools = FOOLS),

22 Work with actors (DIRECT-) or (-OR-) company behind (company behind = -Y) (DIRECTORY) popular sort from Phone Booth (DIRECTORY)

24 Well-trained (OBEDIENT) cook (= anagram indicator) to dine (to dine = O-DIENT) around most of (d) the plot (‘bed’ without ‘d’ = -BE-) (OBEDIENT),

25 Delegation dine out (‘delegation‘ without ‘dine’ = elgato = GELATO) in Italian ice cream parlour (GELATO ice cream),

26 Leaderless (s) region (‘state’ without ‘s’ = TAT-E) welcomes Middle Eastern (Middle Eastern  = -T-) revolutionary (-RED) (TATTERED) in very poor condition (TATTERED),

27 King (K-) sells oil (Organisation of the Petroleum Exporting Countries = -OPEC-) to Korean leader (Korean leader = -K) (KOPECK) in small foreign capital (small Russian capital/money = KOPECK).


1 Biography (LIFE-) by snaky type (-BOA-) on time (-T) (LIFEBOAT) saving others overseas (LIFEBOAT),

2 Into the bargain (TOO-), lost (= anagram indicator) dole (dole = -DLE-O-) at job centre? (centre of job = -O) (TOODLE-OO) That’s some parting shot! (TOODLE-OO),

3 Party (Sinn Fein = S-F) admits most of (p) the aid (‘help’ without ‘p’ = -HEL-) (SHELF) is for tidying up the books (SHELF),

5 Reason for not reporting (OFF THE RECORD) old (O-) party (Fianna Fáil = -FF) in that place (there = THE RE-) with musical three-piece (“chord” = “cord” = -CORD) sounds similar (= homophone indicator) (OFF THE RECORD),

6 Draw attention (Lo! = LO-) to circle (-O-) observed (-SE EN-) by detective (-DS) (LOOSE ENDS) with unfinished business (LOOSE ENDS),

7 Funny (= anagram indicator) actor (actor = CAR-OT) admits reading (from the 3Rs = -R-) (CARROT) piece of the plot (CARROT in garden plot),

8 Peter’s (peters = PRESET) treatment (= anagram indicator) is arranged in advance (PRESET),

11 Home Rule (INDEPENDENCE) for one of those in The Liberties? (liberty = INDEPENDENCE),

15 Comes down (LANDS-) to Cork (-LID-) from far side of Clare (far side of Clare = -E) (LANDSLIDE) for earthmover (LANDSLIDE),

16 Provides guidance for flighty types (PILOTAGE) in part of the book (P-AGE) covering one (-I-) Biblical figure (-LOT-) (PILOTAGE),

17 As I see it (IN MY BOOK), this is where all the autobiographical details can be read (IN MY BOOK),

19 On the surface (AFLOAT), it’s for the St Patrick’s Day Parade (a float = AFLOAT),

20 Frank (HONEST), Henry (H-) and Oscar (-O-) from the tree house (-NEST) (HONEST),

23 Charlie (C-) read (“read” = “red” = -RED-) report (= homophone indicator) by old (-O) (CREDO) canon (CREDO).