Crosaire No 16554 by Crossheir – Wednesday, January 31, 2018

Wed, Jan 31, 2018, 22:00


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8 A (LETTER) to Z? (LETTER),

9 Closing time (DEADLINE) in lifeless (DEAD-) bar (-LINE) (DEADLINE),

10 Chicken (WIMP) wraps in market prepared for starters (wraps in market prepared for starters  = WIMP),

11 Spitting Image (DEAD RINGER), Six Feet Under (DEAD), Band of Gold (RING-) and Casualty? (-ER) (DEAD RINGER),

12 Manages (GETS ON) to figure out (GET-) relative (son = -S ON) (GETS ON),

14 Battle line (FRONT) for those working (MEN) (FRONT MEN) with strikers (football strikers = FRONT MEN),

15 22 across (“dead letter” = DEAD LETTER) leaves out (DROPS) (DEAD LETTER DROPS) for the spies to hide things in (DEAD LETTER DROPS),

18 Instructed (SCHOOLED) to choose (choose = SCHOO-E-) train (= anagram indicator) going around Limerick (-L-) to Dublin (-D) (SCHOOLED),

20 Annoying type (GADFLY) of grotesque, extreme (grotesque extreme = G-) advertisement (-AD-) on Dart (dart/dash = -FLY) (GADFLY),

22 Ineffectual law (DEAD LETTER) from the beginning of 11 across (“dead ringer” = DEAD) and 8 across (“letter” = LETTER) (DEAD LETTER),

24 Half of 9 across (half of “deadline” = DEAD) is not working (DEAD),

25 Agent (rep) is not finished (‘rep’ without ‘p’ = RE-) with Greek island (-CRE-TE) possessing a (-A-) (RECREATE) stage (RECREATE),

26 Perfectly correct (DEAD ON) to open 11 across (“dead ringer” = DEAD) and to close 12 across (“gets on” = ON) (DEAD ON).


1 Little (PETITE) exercise (PE-) for mousey type (-TIT- mouse) with energy (-E) (PETITE),

2 Jack in (jack something in = STOP) part of Sevastopol (part of ‘Sevastopol’ = STOP),

3 Woman (PRUDENCE) with common sense (PRUDENCE),

4 Sets off from East Side (‘sets’ off from ‘East Side’ = aide = IDEA) scheme (IDEA),

5 Bob (HAIRDO) runs the committee (chair) without leader (c) (‘chair’ without ‘c’ = HAIR-) from party (-DO) (HAIRDO),

6 Moody (ILL-NATURED) character (-NATURE-) out of sorts (ILL-) initially (= positional indicator) with director (-D) (ILL-NATURED),

7 Castle (K-EEP) hides desire (need = -NEE-D-) (KNEE-DEEP) to be heavily involved (KNEE-DEEP),

13 The Greens (SIDE ORDERS) from Dublin, for one (SIDE), with ministries (ORDERS) (SIDE ORDERS),

14 It was bound to happen (FATED) for first (for first = F-) wild (= anagram indicator) date (date = -ATED) (FATED),

16 Went one better than (EXCEEDED) former partner (EX-) from old community (EEC = -CEE-) retiring (= reversal indicator) to Germany (Germany domain = de. = -DE-) on Dutch border (Dutch border = -D) (EXCEEDED),

17 Artist (RA-) great (-G) at painting, for example (TRADE) (RAG TRADE), the fashion business (RAG TRADE),

19 Licence (LEEWAY) for river (River LEE-) approach (-WAY) (LEEWAY),

21 Deceive (LEAD ON) law enforcement agency leaders (law enforcement agency leaders = LEA-) and gangland boss (Don = -D ON) (LEAD ON),

23 Teachers have no cash (‘teachers’ have no ‘cash’ = teer = TREE) for the children’s playhouse (TREE),

24 Some retrograde antagonist (some ‘retrograde antagonist’ = DEAN) from university (DEAN).