Crosaire No 16453 by Crossheir – Monday, October 2, 2017

Mon, Oct 2, 2017, 22:00



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8 Bolt (FASTEN) is quick on his feet (FAST-) and fairly (half) keen (fairly/half ‘keen’ = -EN) (FASTEN),

9 Sounds like (= homophone indicator) Derek (“Derek” = “derrick” = type of CRANE) is on a flutter (FLY) (CRANE FLY) with long-legged flighty type (CRANE FLY),

10 Screen (MESH) rats off from hamsters (‘rats’ off from ‘hamsters’ = hmes = MESH),

11 Cycle (C-) on the canal (-LOCK) towards part of the airport (TOWER) (CLOCK TOWER) with Big Ben (CLOCK TOWER),

12 One thousand (Roman numeral 1,000 = M-) paramilitaries (Ulster Freedom Fighters = -UFF-) linked to racket (din) heading off (d) (‘din’ without ‘d’ = IN) (MUFFIN) for breakfast (MUFFIN),

14 Broadcasts (AIRS-) from profound (deep = -PEED) revolution (= reversal indicator) (AIRSPEED) – it shows you how fast those in Sky are going about their business (AIRSPEED),

15 Vocal (= homophone indicator) confrontational encounter (“duel” = “DUAL”) with coach (CARRIAGE-) on track (-WAY) (DUAL CARRIAGEWAY) is over a couple of lanes and could go in either direction (DUAL CARRIAGEWAY),

18 In a clever way (ADROITLY), is not part of Solidarity (‘is’ not part of ‘solidarity’ = oldarity = ADROITLY),

20 Yale is (Yale is = EASILY) developing (= anagram indicator) without difficulty (EASILY),

22 Top, richest (top, richest = PROSTHETIC) model (= anagram indicator) out on a limb, as a replacement (PROSTHETIC),

24 It’s time consuming (LONG) for loss-making banks (‘loss-making’ banks = LONG),

25 Your own flesh and blood (PEDIGREE) presumably had a part in Roots (PEDIGREE),

26 It gets thrown about (DISCUS) in endless (s) debate (‘discuss’ without ‘s’ = DISCUS).


1 Guaranteed to sack nerd (‘guaranteed’ to disregard ‘nerd’ = guaate = GATEAU) from the nice bakery shop (Nice/French bakery GATEAU),

2 Some characters in bayonet charge (bayonet charge = ETCH) leave a lasting impression (ETCH),

3 Sounds like (= homophone indicator) girl fooled (“Anna conned” = “anacond” = ANACOND-) by a (-A) (ANACONDA) sizable snaky type (ANACONDA),

4 Resounding (ECHO) bit of free choice (bit of ‘free choice’ = ECHO),

5 Colourful type (TAN-) from Kildare (-KE-) provides insurance central (‘insurance’ central= -R) (TANKER) to crude type of transport (TANKER),

6 Mysterious (= anagram indicator) mole (mole = LEMO-) has bearing (bearing/direction north = -N) on sleep- (sleep = PEELS) -over (= reversal indicator) (LEMON PEELS) providing a number of additives for nightcap? (LEMON PEELS for drink),

7 Plant (ALOE) opens very early, ripens and (opens very early, ripening and = VERA) (ALOE VERA) produces cosmetic ingredient (ALOE VERA),

13 Don’s (dons = FELLOWS-) trendy joint (-HIP) (FELLOWSHIP) is a club promising camaraderie (FELLOWSHIP),

14 A (A-) right (-R-) to beam (-RAY) (ARRAY) display (ARRAY),

16 Hungary (“Hungary” = hungry = UNDERFED) State (= homophone indicator) won’t take in the necessary quota (UNDERFED),

17 Sounds like (= homophone indicator) plaice (“plaice” = “place” = AREA) is a fish (COD-) from Spain (-E) (AREA CODE) for a number of regional figures (AREA CODE),

19 Strobe light is missing globe (‘strobe light’ is missing ‘globe’ = striht = T-SHIRT) and something from summer hanger (T-SHIRT),

21 They’re on The Bill (LINE-UP) and organised by The Police (LINE-UP),

23 Theatregoers disregard shortage (‘theatregoers’ disregard ‘shortage’ = teer = TREE) in The Cherry Orchard, for instance (TREE in cherry orchard),

24 Record (LIST) by composer (“Liszt’ = “LIST”) on the radio (= homophone indicator).