Crosaire No 16452 by Crossheir – Saturday, September 30, 2017

Sat, Sep 30, 2017, 22:00


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1 Little characters (SMALL CAPITALS) from Vatican City and City of San Marino, for example (Vatican City and City of San Marino are examples of SMALL CAPITALS),

10 Admire a (admire a = MADERIA) fudge (= anagram indicator) cake (MADEIRA cake),

11 The philosophy of accepting common sense (REALISM) is (-IS-) breaking up the monarchy (REAL-M) (REALISM),

12 Keel (keel = LEEK) over (= reversal indicator) with Welsh representative (LEEK),

13 It’s little (SMALL) to do with today’s common denominator (SMALL is common to all sides of today’s crossword),

15 What you’d expect 14 down to do well (“all-star” hurler can ‘HURL’ well) to pitch (pitch/fling = HURL),

17 Crafty type (SLY) simply disregards imp (‘simply’ without ‘imp’ = sly = SLY),

19 Something to produce with 12 across and 26 down (produce DISHES with “leek” and “oregano”) in China (china/delph = DISHES),

21 Out (ASLEEP) of tin? There’s none in Palestine! (no ‘tin’ in ‘Palestine’ = palese = ASLEEP),

22 French vineyard (French vineyard Cassis = C-ASSIS) around hotel (-H-) (CHASSIS) in transportation hub (CHASSIS),

23 Valve on top of (valve on top of = V-) burst (= anagram indicator) tyres (tyres = -ESTRY) (VESTRY) in changing room beside father’s house (VESTRY beside Father’s house/church),

25 Put out (DEPORT) short (n) study (‘den’ without ‘n’ = DE-) for the drinkers to consume (-PORT) (DEPORT),

27 Clear (pay) up (= reverse indicator) (pay = YAP) what the bigmouth is likely to do (YAP),

29 Crowds missing from sword dance (‘crowds’ missing from ‘sword dance’ = dane = DANE) in Hamlet (Hamlet = a DANE),

30 Transfer a landmark hidden (‘transfer a landmark’ hidden = FERAL) in wild (FERAL),

31 Describe a technology in part (‘describe a technology’ in part = BEAT) to surpass (BEAT),

34 Treat in (treat in = NITRATE) producing (= anagram indicator) fertiliser (NITRATE),

35 Security problem (LEAK-) for some time (-AGE) (LEAKAGE) needs plugging (LEAKAGE),

36 One of those putting money into Inch perhaps (SMALL INVESTOR) is not expecting a great return (SMALL INVESTOR).


2 Send Sam (send Sam = MADNESS) off (= anagram indicator) for utter stupidity (MADNESS),

3 Den (LAIR) for characters in Royal Air Force (characters in ‘Royal Air Force’ = LAIR),

4 Protest (CLAIM-) by Southern (-S) (CLAIMS) States (states/asserts = CLAIMS),

5 Type of stout (PORTLY) in Cork, for instance (Cork PORT-), is only the half of it (‘only’ half = -LY) (PORTLY),

6 Dispute a methodology embraced (‘dispute a methodology’ embraced = TEAM) by a group of players (TEAM),

7 Garland (LEI-) is confident (-SURE) (LEISURE) of fun and games (LEISURE),

8 Not quite the point of no return perhaps? (SMALL DIVIDEND) The little investor will get this! (SMALL DIVIDEND),

9 It’s not worth mentioning (it’s not worth mentioning = it’s SMALL POTATOES) Spud’s pulled early (spuds pulled early = SMALL POTATOES),

14 A (A-) couple of lines (-LL-) from paper (-STAR) (ALL-STAR) by top hurler (ALL-STAR),

16 Denounce (DECRY) for amount missing from documentary (for ‘amount’ missing from ‘documentary’ = dcery = DECRY),

18 Setting out (= anagram indicator) seats (seats = ASSET) for benefit (ASSET),

20 Bashful (SHY) cop missing from Psycho (‘cop’ missing from ‘Psycho’ = syh = SHY),

21 Spoken (said) off the top of one’s head (s) (‘said’ without ‘s’ = AID) for help (AID),

24 Some (“some” = “sum” = S-UM) report (= homophone indicator) covering a (-A-) car test (-NCT-) (SANCTUM) in a private place (SANCTUM),

26 Herb (OREGANO) Ring (O-) from Orange (orange = -REGANO) Order (= anagram indicator) (OREGANO),

27 Confuses (= anagram indicator) enemy (enemy = YEMEN-) with one (-I) (YEMENI) living in Arabian peninsula (YEMENI),

28 Bell-ringer waiting for a reaction (experiments of physiologist PAVLOV) is looking after conditioning of boxers perhaps (PAVLOV experimented with boxers/dogs),

32 Raise the devil on the edges (‘raise the devil’ on the edges = RAIL) of the bar (RAIL),

33 Hand over (PASS over) part for Vespa’s service (part of ‘Vespa’s service’ = PASS).