Crosaire No 16451 by Crossheir – Friday, September 29, 2017

Fri, Sep 29, 2017, 22:00


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8 Journeys (journeys/trips = SPIR-T) back (= reversal indicator) over island (-I-) (SPIRIT) with enthusiasm (SPIRIT),

9 European city (BORDEAUX) in 10 across for instance (“wine” = BORDEAUX),

10 Press release perhaps (press grapes for WINE) for winter jasmine from the borders (for ‘winter jasmine’ from the borders = WINE),

11 Teacher’s (INTO-) short (t) call in court (‘let’ on tennis court) (‘let’ without ‘t’ = -LE-) leads to carry-on (-RANT) (INTOLERANT) that’s narrow-minded (INTOLERANT),

12 Suspend (HANG-) headless (p) boxer (‘pup‘ without ‘ p’ = - UP) (HANG-UP) – he has a chip on his shoulder (HANG-UP),

14 Sounds like (= homophone indicator) those over the cops (those over the “cops” = “copse” = TREE TOPS) could be putting The Branch in the shade? (TREE TOPS),

15 Those in 9 across (WINES in “Bordeaux”) as well as (AND) 8 across (“spirit” = SPIRIT-), on top of sweets (on top of sweets = -S) (WINES AND SPIRITS), won’t give you a beer belly presumably (WINES AND SPIRITS),

18 Name (IDENTITY) one (I-) key (music key -D-) creature (-ENTITY) (IDENTITY),

20 Not the first (‘not’ the first = -N-) consumed by basic (basic = CABI-S) training (= anagram indicator) (CABINS) in mountain retreats (CABINS),

22 Last (= positional indicator) study (-ROOM) on fish (SCHOOL-) (SCHOOLROOM) – that’s one for the books (SCHOOLROOM),

24 Well, it’s not (SICK) ghoulish (SICK),

25 On their own, leaders (on their own, leaders = OTO-) terms of reference (-SCOPE) (OTOSCOPE) will furnish the range of The Hearing (OTOSCOPE),

26 Uninhibited extremes (‘uninhibited‘ extremes = UNITED) one associates with being integrated (UNITED).


1 Diplomats dropping LSD (‘diplomats’ dropping ‘LSD’ = ipomat = OPTIMA) for the best results (OPTIMA),

2 Liberate (FREE) forecaster dismissing Castro (‘forecaster’ dismissing ‘Castro’ = free = FREE),

3 The (the = ETH-) organisation (= anagram indicator) gets in touch with Number 10 (-IO-) secretary (-P-A) over one (-I-) (ETHIOPIA) country in Africa (ETHIOPIA),

4 Old (O-) section (-BIT) (OBIT) in the paper relates to the time of one’s life of late (OBIT),

5 Question (GRILL-) from the last Pope (last Pope = -E) (GRILLE) divides the priest and the sinner in the confession box (GRILLE),

6 Get the news (HEAR-) first on the (first on the =-T) beat (THROB) (HEART-THROB) from romantic caricature (HEART-THROB),

7 Gives a roasting (TURNSPIT) to circle (TURN-) in Croatia (Split) lacking heart (l) (‘Split‘ without ‘l’ = -SPIT) (TURNSPIT),

13 One of the politicians (GREEN-) from Dáil Éireann (-HOUSE) (GREENHOUSE) is sowing the seeds of something big perhaps (GREENHOUSE),

14 8 across is an essential element of this (“spirit” is an essential element of TODDY) for drunk going to bed (TODDY),

16 Incited a (incited a = INDICATE) disturbance (= anagram indicator) for show (INDICATE),

17 Sounds like prerequisite to date (PICK-ME-UP) for a stimulating drink (PICK-ME-UP),

19 One (I-) key (music key = -G-) for the gents (-LOOS) (IGLOOS) in blockhouses? (ice blocks for IGLOOS),

21 McKinley releases my (‘McKinley‘ releases ‘my’ = ckinle = NICKEL) overseas capital (capital/money = NICKEL / US five-cent coin),

23 Remove new cover (‘remove new’ = OVEN) from part of the kitchen (OVEN),

24 Local businessman (SUIT) mad to get out of stadium (mad to get out of stadium = stiu = SUIT).