Crosaire No 16450 by Crossheir – Thursday, September 28, 2017

Thu, Sep 28, 2017, 22:00


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1 Hotel (-H-) in Burma (Burma = R-UMBA) organising (= anagram indicator) (RHUMBA) dance (RHUMBA),

4 Sounds like an improvisation (RHAPSODY) of new (= anagram indicator) posh yard (posh yard = RHAPSODY),

9 Minor setback (HICCUP) is all the rage (HI-P) around revolutionary (= reversal indicator) university (University College Cork = UCC = -CCU-) (HICCUP),

10 On the contrary (= reversal indicator), badger relative (otter = -RETTO) to contact lawyer (BL = L-B-) over single (-I-) (LIBRETTO) for the musical (LIBRETTO),

12 What a company marches on (ARMY BOOTS) sounds like something you’d associate with Napoleon going to war perhaps (Napoleon boots / ARMY BOOTS),

13 One of the Boys in Blue (GARDA) similar to 22 across (GARDA “detective”),

14 Is looking out for injustice overseas (SCOTLAND YARD) in 26 across (“Scotland” = SCOTLAND) – it leads to one of those in prison (prison YARD) (SCOTLAND YARD),

18 Relates to clerical figure (ARCHDIOCESAN) starting off in March (‘march’ without m’ = ARCH-) around the sea (“around the “sea” = bishop’s “see” = DIOCESAN) reportedly (= homophone indicator) (ARCHDIOCESAN),

21 Pale type (ASHEN) concealed by America’s Henry Ford (concealed by ‘Americas Henry Ford’ = ASHEN),

22 Works in 25 across (DETECTIVE works in “police”) with copper (DETECTIVE),

24 Feeling this is deep-rooted (VISCERAL), nasty (= anagram indicator), vile scar (vile scar = VISCERAL),

25 Monitor (POLICE) one of those in 14 across, for example (one of those in “Scotland Yard” = POLICE),

26 Colts and (colts and = SCOTLAND) rifle (= anagram indicator) for English neighbour (SCOTLAND),

27 Crazy (= anagram indicator) estate (estate = TEA SET) for the Mad Hatters (TEA SET).


1 Check your lines in advance (REHEARSE) for catches (-HEARS-) in lough (Lough RE-E) (REHEARSE),

2 It’s rare (UNCOMMON) to seek office (to ‘run’) without an introduction (r) (‘run’ without ‘r’ = UN-) to what’s the norm (-COMMON) (UNCOMMON),

3 Mix-up (BLUR-) top boxer (top boxer = -B) (BLURB) on promoter’s books (BLURB),

5 They give some people a clip around the ears (HAIRSTYLISTS) for cutting staff (HAIRSTYLISTS),

6 Historical remedy (PAREGORIC), of course, for one presumably shot (on golf course / PAR-), for example (e.g. = -EG-), by old (-O-) police force (Royal Irish Constabulary = -RIC) (PAREGORIC),

7 Court (court = OUTCR-) dress (= anagram indicator) in the end inadvertently (in the end ‘inadvertently’ = -Y) (OUTCRY) leads to strong protest (OUTCRY),

8 Money (money = YEOM-N) problems (= anagram indicator) over a (-A-) (YEOMAN) guy fighting on ship (YEOMAN),

11 How the cat burglar go away perhaps (DOWN THE DRAIN / drainpipe) over the border (Co DOWN) with most of them (most of ‘them’ = THE) to escape (leak = DRAIN) (DOWN THE DRAIN),

15 Larry (Larry) drops recipe (r) (‘Larry’ without ‘r’ = LARY-) that’s no good (-NG-) for meal (meal) without starter (m) (‘meal’ without ‘m’ = -EAL) (LARYNGEAL), as that might affect the gullet (LARYNGEAL),

16 Hardens (OSSIFIES) manager (boss) losing head (b) (‘boss’ without ‘b’ = OSS-) if (-IF-) there’s no introduction (l) to bits of fiction (‘lies’ without ‘l’ = -IES) (OSSIFIES),

17 It’s fundamental (INHERENT) to the inner (the inner = INHERENT) set (= anagram indicator),

19 Endless (s) campaign (‘canvass’ without ‘s’ = CANVAS) sails close to the wind (CANVAS),

20 New (= anagram indicator) ship (ship = PH-SI-) yard (-Y-) around Ring (-O) (PHYSIO) has a particular speciality when it comes to conditioning and joints (PHYSIO),

23 One of the bulbs (garlic CLOVE from bulb) from first crop (first crop = C-) on soft spot (-LOVE) (CLOVE).