Crosaire No 16448 by Crossheir – Tuesday, September 26, 2017

Tue, Sep 26, 2017, 22:00


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1 Infectious type (MALADY) married (M-) a (-A-) lord’s companion (-LADY) (MALADY),

4 School (S-) draw (-TOW-) is a (-A-) way (-WAY) (STOWAWAY) of getting a free holiday (STOWAWAY),

9 Censor (CUT-) describes the bad stuff (-OFF) (CUT-OFF) from Partition (CUT-OFF),

10 Old writer (SCRIB-E) captures barman (-BL-) (SCRIBBLE) in writing that’s difficult to read (SCRIBBLE),

12 Step in (INTERVENE) for referee (INTERVENE),

13 Some volatile Diva (some ‘volatile Diva’ = TILED) is stuck in the bathroom (TILED),

14 Waste (“waste” = “waist” = MIDDLE) reports (= homophone indicator) for foundation (GROUND) (MIDDLE GROUND) in compromising position perhaps (MIDDLE GROUND),

18 Where the best man slags off the groom (PART OF SPEECH), in a manner of speaking (PART OF SPEECH),

21 Stand in (LOCUM) line (L-) with officer (officer commanding = -OC-) expressing hesitation (-UM) (LOCUM),

22 One (I-) note (-N-) on the essence of right (-CORRECT) (INCORRECT) and wrong (INCORRECT),

24 Sufficient (ADEQUATE) for Bill (AD-) to get half of equity (half of equity = -EQU -) before it gets swallowed (-ATE) (ADEQUATE),

25 Clean-shaven type (SMOOTH) from one of the flats (SMOOTH),

26 A potential Prince Charming (The Frog Prince/The Toad Bridegroom = TO A-D) admits note (-N-) from (from) brief (m) (‘from’ without ‘m’ = FRO) (TO AND FRO) relates to swingers movement (TO AND FRO),

27 Roar (BELLOW) popping (= anagram indicator) elbow (elbow = BEL-OW) around top of ligament (top of ligament = -L-) (BELLOW).


1 Raincoat (MAC-) for his (-HIS-) trim (m) relative (‘mom’ without ‘m’ = -MO) (MACHISMO) is worn by tough guy with pride (MACHISMO),

2 Short (g) Yank (yank = ‘tug’ without ‘g’ = -TU-) in work (= anagram indicator) detail (detail = LATI-DE) (LATITUDE) gets a degree of freedom (LATITUDE),

3 Put off (DEFER) by freed (freed = DEFER) criminal (= anagram indicator),

5 Police bureau responsible for speeding figures (TICKET OFFICE) is a front for something that’s been stage-managed (theatre TICKET OFFICE),

6 Composed (WRITTEN) and awake (UP) (WRITTEN UP) or so the story goes (WRITTEN UP),

7 Band leader (band leader = -B-) in Elbow (Elbow = WOB-LE) flips over (= reversal indicator) (WOBBLE) a type of rock (WOBBLE),

8 Surrenders (YIELDS) profit (YIELD-) from Last Christmas (last Christmas = -S) (YIELDS),

11 Diet perhaps (diet = WEIGHT LIFTER) for Olympic athlete with a lot on his shoulders (WEIGHTLIFTER),

15 Cast (MOULD) taking something out of the book (take a LEAF …) from the start (= positional indicator) (LEAF MOULD) is bound to invigorate The Field (LEAF MOULD),

16 Stock options (GENE POOL) having all the characteristics you’d associate with family members in The House (GENE POOL),

17 Rabbit on (CHAT) display (SHOW) (CHAT SHOW) is a format for debate (CHAT SHOW),

19 Spy (PL-ANT) holds informer at first (‘informer’ at first = -I-) (PLIANT) like putty in his hands (PLIANT),

20 Barman (Senior Counsel = SC-) from Trim (trim/edge = -HEM-) has a (-A) (SCHEMA) plan (SCHEMA),

23 Fibre (RAMIE fibre/cloth) of DNA removed from marinade (‘DNA’ removed from ‘marinade’ = marie = RAMIE).