Crosaire No 16446 by Crossheir – Saturday, September 23, 2017

Sat, Sep 23, 2017, 22:00


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1 The catering arrangements (PLACE SETTINGS) for scene (SETTING-) in various locations (PLACE -S) (PLACE SETTINGS),

10 Folk tales (LORE-) by Garland (garland = -LEI) (LORELEI) linked to seductive rock music perhaps (siren on the LORELEI rock said to sing to lure sailors to destruction),

11 English (E-) learnt (learnt = -TERNAL) solution (= anagram indicator) (ETERNAL) is everlasting (ETERNAL),

12 Meditate over (CHEW over) fragment of Nietzsche wisdom (fragment of ‘Nietzsche wisdom’ = CHEW),

13 Quarter (quarter/location = PLACE) of all sides today (PLACE on four sides of today’s crossword),

15 Catholic dismisses a lot (‘Catholic’ dismisses ‘a lot’ = chic = CHIC) that’s in Vogue (CHIC),

17 Bit of political economy (bit of ‘political economy’ = ALE) possibly in draft form (ALE),

19 Coach (BUS-) from Kildare (-KE-) joined Dublin (-D) (BUSKED) and played for money (BUSKED),

21 Jeer (BOO-) most of the (most of the = -TH-) school (-S) (BOOTHS) voting stations (BOOTHS),

22 Film (COVER-) editor (-ED) (COVERED) swept it under the carpet (COVERED up),

23 Christmas drink (EGGNOG) for early bird (EGG-) has mostly (e) gone (‘gone’ without ‘e’ = gon = -NOG) up (= reversal indicator) (EGGNOG),

25 Charge (TARIFF) for big piece of pie (big piece of ‘tart’ = TAR-) if (-IF-) it’s going to offend (ofend = -F) (TARIFF),

27 Sub-editor reveals (‘sub editor’ reveals BED) plot (BED),

29 Faulkner releases real (‘Faulkner’ releases ‘real’ = fukn = FUNK) music (FUNK),

30 Cold (C-) types from 18 down (sodas) won’t start (s) (‘sodas’ without ‘s’ = -ODAS) (CODAS) concluding sections (CODAS),

31 Type of wine (ASTI) for ecclesiastical extract (‘ecclesiastical’ extract = ASTI),

34 Discount (CHEAPEN) that man (-HE-) consumed by pecan (pecan = C-APEN) nuts (= anagram indicator) (CHEAPEN),

35 Did it (CULPRIT) with copper (CU-) plate on car’s (-L- plate on cars) trip (trip = -PRIT) switch (= anagram indicator) (CULPRIT),

36 Make it official (PLACE ON RECORD) position (PLACE) from Old (O-) and New (-N) Testament (RECORD) (PLACE ON RECORD).


2 Stores (LARDERS) in Greece (“Greece” = “grease” = LARD-), reportedly (= homophone indicator), express hesitation (-ER-) at Sunday opening (Sunday opening = -S) (LARDERS),

3 On the edges of commuter belt (on the edges of ‘commuter belt’ = COLT) going around Leopardstown (COLT horse),

4 Mixing up (= anagram indicator) lilacs (lilacs = SCILLA) with flowers in Lily’s family (SCILLA),

5 Catherine lacks air (‘Catherine’ lacks ‘air’ cthene = THENCE) in that place (THENCE),

6 Scheme (IDEA) belonging to countryside authority (belonging to ‘countryside authority’ = IDEA)

7 Thugs on (thugs on = GUNSHOT) hash (= anagram indicator) heard coming out of 3 down (GUNSHOT heard coming out of “Colt” gun),

8 Repercussion of taking pointless drugs? (PLACEBO EFFECT) As a result of the trial, there’s nothing in it! (PLACEBO EFFECT),

9 They’re expecting deliveries (PLACES OF BIRTH) in labour-intensive locations (PLACES OF BIRTH),

14 Insinuated (ALLEGED) New (= anagram indicator) Deal (deal = AL-ED) includes element of race (-LEG-) (ALLEGED),

16 Up the wall (DÉCOR) around Christmas (DEC-) – nothing (-O-) is right (-R) (DECOR),

18 Who cares (SO-) Bill (ad = -DA-) retires (= reversal indicator) and goes with old Bob (old bob = shilling = -S) (SODAS) for a few drinks (SODAS),

20 Typical mascot (DOG) of some commando group (some ‘commando group’ = DOG),

21 Back (BET) in the Globe Theatre (in the ‘Globe Theatre’ = BET),

24 Eton College sacks cool (‘Eton College’ dismisses ‘cool’ = etnlege = GENTEEL) sort that’s overly polite (GENTEEL),

26 Risk taker (INSURER) is fashionable (IN-), confident (-SURE-) and right (-R) (INSURER),

27 Delivered (BORN-) mail (email = -E-) order (-O) (BORNEO) to primitive lad’s home perhaps (BORNEO),

28 Keeps in step (DANCER) with some of the Transjordan certification (some of the ‘Transjordan certification’ = DANCER),

32 Large scale (EPIC) concealment of vine pickings (concealment of ‘vine pickings’ = EPIC),

33 Federation (BLOC) has no arena in Barcelona (no ‘arena’ in ‘Barcelona’ = bclo = BLOC).