Crosaire No 15051 by Crossheir – Saturday, March 30, 2013

Sun, Mar 31, 2013, 23:55



1 After Armageddon! (END OF THE WORLD) Is this where you’d expect to find a new Pope? (Francis I said: “it seems my brother cardinals went almost to the END OF THE WORLD” to choose a pope),

10 We yearn  (we yearn = NEW YEAR) in a way for what’s expected in 2014 (NEW YEAR),

11 Wandering in place (in place = PELICAN) of water bird (PELICAN),

12 It’s nothing (O-) to be (-B-E) around job centre (centre of job = -O-) (OBOE) for windy device (OBOE),

13 Glaswegian (a Scot = ASCOT) provides runabout for flat types (ASCOT is a racecourse for flat horse racing),

15 Have an interest in (be INTO something) separate pieces reportedly (separate/divide “in two” = INTO),

17 Grass (HAY) required by stockholders (stock holders/farmers require HAY to feed stock/cattle),

19 Looking back, weather station (Met = T-EM) admits evidence in court case (DNA = -AND-) (TANDEM) found on cycle lane (TANDEM),

21 Provides decorative coat (STUCCO) for holy man (ST-) going to Oxford (-O) after college (-UCC-) (STUCCO),

22 Set wedding date (name the day) without the (the) (‘name the day’ without ‘the’ = NAME DAY) Paddy on March 17th (the feast day of a saint after whom a person is named is called a NAME DAY),

23 Comes first (ELDEST) to the Spanish (the = EL-) Teds (Teds = -DEST) surprisingly (ELDEST),

25 I swear by Almighty God (PLEDGE) the place (PL-) is nervous (nervous = on edge = -EDGE) (PLEDGE),

27 It’s expected (it’s DUE) of you (-U-) in Germany (Germany domain = .de = D-E) (DUE),

29 Timothy (Tim = -MIT) comes back to nothing (O-) (OMIT) in skip (OMIT),

30 Victor (V-) by tree from Holland (Dutch Elm = -EL-M) hides you (-U-) (VELUM) with veil from toadstool (VELUM),

31 Workforce (human resources = H-R) rings first class (-AI-) (HAIR) for locks (HAIR),

34 In addition to that (THERETO), race (TT race = T-T-) across this place (-HERE-) with nothing (-O) (THERETO),

35 Police call to robber (HANDS UP) for aid (HAND-) with small drink (a sup = -S UP) (HANDS UP),

36 What happens when sun eventually hits us (END OF THE EARTH) at South Pole? (END OF THE EARTH).


2 Just arrived (NEWBORN) with novel (NEW-) brought to life (-BORN) (NEWBORN),

3 Eleven separated (11 separated = one and one = ONES) and in two (1+1 is in 2 = one and one = ONES),

4 Article (TH-E-) covers resistance (-R-) to call for silence (-SH) (THRESH) in strike on farm (strike/beat on farm = THRESH),

5 Take on (EMPLOY) the Spanish (the = E-L-) embracing foreign politician (-MP-) to attract attention (Oy! = -OY) (EMPLOY),

6 On the sly, Seth leaves (‘on the sly’ without ‘seth’ = only = ONLY) to exclusion of everything else (ONLY),

7 The French (the = LA-) convict (-CON-) in charge (-IC) (LACONIC) of brief (LACONIC),

8 That’s it finished (END OF) at the (THE) march (March = MONTH) (END OF THE MONTH) for wages (END OF THE MONTH),

9 Anchor in tug-of-war (END OF ONE’S ROPE) has no patience (END OF ONE’S ROPE),

14 Penny-pinching (CAREFUL) as transport (CAR-) fuel (fuel = -EFUL) ordered (CAREFUL),

16 Ends (ends = DENS-) badly for sweetheart (heart of sweet = -E) (DENSE) in tight crowd (DENSE),

18 They’re used for engraving (STYLI) swine’s home (STY-) on Long Island  (-LI) (STYLI),

20 Where one finds key under (find key under MAT) runner (runner = MAT),

21 Sucker (SAP) with head of state (head of state = S-) makes the news (Associated Press = -AP) (SAP),

24 Allows eating in car (DRIVE-IN) in front of house (DRIVE-) at home (at home = -IN) (DRIVE-IN),

26 Strongly against (DEAD SET against) rigor mortis (DEAD SET)?,

27 God-fearing (DEVOUT) long fellow (‘Long Fellow” = de Valera = DEV-) loses half of payout (half of ‘payout’ = out = -OUT) (DEVOUT),

28 Our masters in Brussels (EU-) find revolutionary (-CH-E) hiding resistance (-R-) (EUCHRE) to game which introduced joker (card game EUCHRE introduced the joker to the deck of cards),

32 Rose (RED-) circle (-O) (REDO) gets makeover (REDO),

33 Women’s Institute (Irish Countrywomen’s Association = I-CA) ring nationalist (-N-) (INCA) old people from Andes (INCA).