Crosaire No 15050 by Crossheir – Friday, March 29, 2013

Fri, Mar 29, 2013, 23:55



1 Green light (GO) in the past (BACK) (GO BACK) encourages one to go to bookies (GO BACK),

4 One does this in 3 down (one SLOUCHES in a ‘chair’) to ship (S-S) over Louis (-LOU-) the revolutionary (-CHE-) (SLOUCHES),

9 Trap (NE-T-) catches Charlie (-C-) and artist (RA = -AR) returning (NECTAR) with what the workers collected (workers/bees collect NECTAR),

10 It’s not on (it’s OFF-) to call for silence (-SH-) to what’s mined (-ORE) (OFFSHORE) at sea (OFFSHORE),

12 Opens one’s heart (UNBURDENS) to foreign article (UN-) with problems (-BURDENS) (UNBURDENS),

13 It’s more than this (it’s this and this = ‘this’ plural = THESE) new sheet (sheet = THESE),

14 Sounds like the minimum is said (monosyllable) saying yes for example (‘yes’ is an example of a MONOSYLLABLE),

18 They’re old-fashioned and demanding (FUDDY-DUDDIES) a few stiff ones (FUDDY-DUDDIES),

21 At beginning of April (beginning of April = A-) cancel (-VOID) (AVOID) escape (AVOID),

22 Doesn’t require light (NON-SMOKER doesn’t require a light) at Mount Vesuvius? (Mount Vesuvius is a NON-SMOKER),

24 It’s of no consequence (WHO CARES) World Health Organisation (WHO) gets cautions (cautions = CARES) (WHO CARES),

25 Captivated (IN LOVE) being at home (at home = IN) with nothing (O = LOVE) (IN LOVE),

26 Presenter (HO-ST) admits eras (eras = -ARSE-) changed (HOARSEST) by roughest voice (HOARSEST),

27 Alpine country (Switzerland = CH-) has nothing (-O-) on Kildare’s (KE’S = -KES) (CHOKES) gags (CHOKES).


1 It’s a game (GIN RUMMY) produced by spirits (gin + rum = GIN RUM-) belonging to me (-MY) (GIN RUMMY),

2 Bet (BACK-) on the one (-ONE) behind bighead (head of big = -B-) (BACKBONE) with strength of character (BACKBONE),

3 Goes on ahead (on a head = -HAIR) after Charlie (C-) (CHAIR) to control meeting (CHAIR meeting),

5 Position on Hill 16? (LEFT STANDING on Croke Park’s Hill 16) You won’t need 3 down (if you’re LEFT STANDING you won’t need 3 down ‘chair’),

6 Up in the air (UNSETTLED), peacekeeper (United Nations = UN-) finds resolve (-SETTLE-) for Penny (-D) (UNSETTLED),

7 Damn! (“damn” = “dam” = HOOVER dam) We hear it can wipe the slate clean perhaps (HOOVER),

8 That girl (SHE-) goes to Kildare (-KE-) with letterhead (head of letter = -L) (SHEKEL) for foreign money (SHEKEL),

11 Shakers and movers in Egypt (BELLY DANCERS) found in the middle of (BELLY) those in river dance (river dance = Riverdance has DANCERS),

15 They carry incompetent thieves (SQUAD CARS) with everyone in Munster (SQUAD) coaches (dining coaches/dining CARS) (SQUAD CARS),

16 There is a catch (-LOCK) behind harvest (PICK-) (PICKLOCK) – this one will get you in with the wrong crowd (a PICKLOCK will get you ‘in’ with the wrong crowd),

17 They take by force (USURPERS) ties from pressure suit (‘pressure suit’ without ‘ties’ = pressuru = = USURPERS),

19 God! (YAHWEH) You sound local (yes/ya = YA-) when His Holiness (-H-H) rings you and 1 (-WE-) (YAHWEH),

20 Offspring (SON-) finds nothing (-O-) for mother (-MA) (SONOMA) worth drinking in California (SONOMA wine),

23 Champ (MUNCH) takes one (i) out in Munich (‘munich’ without ‘I’ = munch = MUNCH).