Crosaire No 15049 by Crossheir – Thursday, March 28, 2013

Thu, Mar 28, 2013, 23:55



8 Family (kin = KI-N) cover for teetotaller (-TT-) and sweetheart (heart of sweet = -E-) (KITTEN) with Bunny (bunny/rabbit’s young = KITTEN),

9 It’s private (PERSONAL) for each (PER-) offspring (-SON-) meeting gangster (Al Capone = -AL) (PERSONAL),

10 Pick up (SHOP) hotel (-H-) in small (S-) operation (-OP) (SHOP),

11 Indian hermit (MUNI-) gets to infect (infect = -FICENT) (MUNIFICENT) poor generous type (MUNIFICENT),

12 Passionate (RED-HOT) writer (-ED-) holds his head (head/top of his = -H-) in decay (R-OT) (RED-HOT),

14 It’s for sweeping (B-ROOM) over everything (-ALL-) (BALLROOM) and for dancing to someone else’s tune perhaps (BALLROOM),

15 Regulars in restaurants (TABLES AND CHAIRS) for dinner party (TABLES AND CHAIRS),

18 Brainless type approaches wizard (STRAW MAN / scarecrow went to wizard for a brain in Wizard of Oz) for inexperienced (-RAW-) fella (-MAN) down the street (ST-) (STRAW MAN),

20 After the sun goes down this (MONDAY) comes up (after sun/Sunday ends it’s MONDAY),

22 Provides the long view (BINOCULARS) to get rid of (BIN-) officer (Officer Commanding = -OC-) with version of a slur (a slur = -ULARS) (BINOCULARS),

24 Irish sign (-IRE) behind square (T-square = T-) (TIRE) leads to flag (to flag = to TIRE),

25 Change (ALTER), for example (e.g. = EG-), nothing (-O) (ALTER EGO) for trusted friend (ALTER EGO),

26 Old election promise (TAX CUT was often an election promise) to charge (TAX) Nick (nick/scratch = CUT) (TAX CUT).


1 Long Island (LI-) revolutionary (-CHE-) on ecstasy (-E) (LICHEE) is found up Chinese tree (LICHEE / lychee tree),

2 No green light (STOP) for street (ST-) performance in hospital (operation = -OP) (STOP),

3 Inspires (ANIMATES) area (A-) for Ulster (Northern Ireland = -NI-) to find partners (-MATES) (ANIMATES),

4 Peg (-PIN) behind small (S-) (SPIN) radio station (SPIN fm radio station),

5 Describes dodger (ARTFUL dodger in Oliver) losing melons in small fortune (‘small fortune’ without ‘melons’ = alfrtu = ARTFUL),

6 Refraction (refraction = FOR CERTAIN) not right without any doubt (FOR CERTAIN),

7 Ban (BAR-) donor (donor = -NDOOR) in a way (BARN DOOR) from opening on farm (BARN DOOR),

13 Henry (HAL-), long ago in Ireland (long ago = fadó = -F A DO-), came across eastern discipline (-ZEN) (HALF A DOZEN) in Six Nations, for instance (HALF A DOZEN),

14 Big timer in London (Big BEN-) is at home (at home = -IN) (BENIN) in Africa (BENIN is in Africa),

16 Aunt (“aunt” = ANT) heard going to banks (HILLS) (ANT HILLS) for underground workers (ANT HILLS),

17 Came (CAM-E) across new tips (tips = -PSIT-) (CAMPSITE) for temporary accommodation (CAMPSITE),

19 Tore to pieces (MAULED) as carelessly made (made = MA-ED) around college (University of Limerick = -UL-) (MAULED),

21 Answer (A-) to town in Meath (-TRI-M) holding you (-U-) (ATRIUM) in courtyard (ATRIUM),

23 Acknowledge (AVOW) some say we will not pay property tax (‘we will not pay property tax’ = “a vow” = AVOW),

24 Former partner (-EX-) in race (T-T) (TEXT) to send word (to TEXT is to send word/message).