Crosaire No 15048 by Crossheir – Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Wed, Mar 27, 2013, 23:55



1 Nuclear physics drops Chileans (‘nuclear physics’ without ‘chileans’ = urpysc = CYPRUS) in the Mediterranean (CYPRUS),

4 Copper (CU-) goes to Longford (-L D-) with disastrous case (case = -E SAC) (CUL-DE-SAC) that’s going nowhere (CUL-DE-SAC),

9 Someone brought up (REARED) artist (RA = -AR-) returned in grass (RE-ED) (REARED),

10 Irish God (God = DIA-) took what wasn’t his (-STOLE) (DIASTOLE) in a heartbeat (DIASTOLE is a phase of the heartbeat),

12 Religious type (Brother = BR-) has a (-A-) boat (-SS-) on lake (Lake Erie = -ERIE) (BRASSERIE) with French restaurant (BRASSERIE),

13 It’s novel on line (E-BOOK) for European (E-) to shout disapproval (-BOO-) at king (-K) (E-BOOK),

14 Lent from here (ASH WEDNESDAY) to Ashley (ASH) in the middle of the week  (WEDNESDAY) (ASH WEDNESDAY),

18 Party activist (SOCIAL WORKER) advances conditions in community? (SOCIAL WORKER),

21 One hundred (100 = C-) are (-AR-E) gathered around Victor (-V-) (CARVE) with sculpture (CARVE),

22 Gangster (Al Capone = AL-) and old sailor (-TAR) with lads (BOYS) (ALTAR BOYS) found in church (ALTAR BOYS),

24 Canada red and German wine (‘Canada Red’ and ‘German Wine’ are the names of types of RHUBARBS)? They’re a bit stalky for dessert (RHUBARBS),

25 Looking back, it’s big in Galway (big = mór = -ROM) to get green light (go = -OG-) for parking (P-) (POGROM) by ethnic butchery (POGROM),

26 Incidentally (BY THE BYE), it’s next to (BY) article (THE) on parting (BYE) (BY THE BYE),

27 Irish girl (girl = cailín) drops individual (i) for novice (learner = l) (‘cailín’ replaces ‘i’ with ‘l’ = callin = CALL IN) as part of radio programme (CALL IN).


1 Intellectual (CEREBRAL) from Clare (CE-) gets real (-RE-AL) about brother (-BR-) (CEREBRAL),

2 The Mummy‘s (mummies = PHARAOHS) produced by Cleopatra and Ptolemy (Cleopatra and Ptolemy = PHARAOHS),

3 They manipulate others (USERS) to take drugs (USERS),

5 Film studio (UNIVERSAL-) finds it (-IT-) with unknown quantity (unknown quantity  = -Y) (UNIVERSALITY) existing everywhere (UNIVERSALITY),

6 In the end, Lawrence (TE Lawrence = te) leaves desperate (desperate) (‘desperate’ without ‘te’ = despera = DESPERA-) party (-DO) (DESPERADO) with outlaw (DESPERADO),

7 Sounds like it’s the dog’s turn? (‘Spot’ the dog is ‘on’ = SPOT ON) Dead right it is (SPOT ON),

8 Sounds like the floorboards need changing (CREAKY) with credit (CR-) and a key (a key = -EAKY) switched (CREAKY),

11 Headmaster (PRINCIPAL) finds child (BOY) (PRINCIPAL BOY) for lead in Peter Pan (PRINCIPAL BOY),

15 Clear (EXONERATE) former partner (EX-) to find individual (-ONE-) on percentage (-RATE) (EXONERATE),

16 It’s alright (okay = OK) to fence in (to CORRAL) (OK CORRAL) fighting ring for Earps and McLaurys (Wyatt, Virgil and Morgan Earp & Frank and Tom McLaury fought at the OK CORRAL),

17 Squeeze (PRESS-) mother (-MA-) mid-morning (middle of morning = -N) (PRESSMAN) at conference (PRESSMAN is at press conference),

19 Mark (SCAR-) graduate (BA= -AB) returning (SCARAB) with beetle (SCARAB),

20 Burst into (IRRUPT) individual (I-) finding reading and writing (from the ‘3 Rs’ = R+R = -RR-) put (put = -UPT) astray (IRRUPT),

23 King of Ireland (king = rí = RI-) has nothing (-O-) on Anthony Joseph (AJ = -JA) returning (RIOJA) from Spanish bar (RIOJA is from Spanish bar).