Crosaire No 15047 by Crossheir – Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Tue, Mar 26, 2013, 23:55



8 Clap (clap = -LPAC-) dancing in dry establishment (Alcoholic Anonymous = A-A) (ALPACA) with hairy type found in America (ALPACA),

9 The Barber of Seville (OPERA) goes on ahead (HAT goes on a head) (OPERA HAT) with tall topper (OPERA HAT),

10 Musical composition (DUET) expected (DUE-) before tea (-T) (DUET),

11 Rolls along floor (BOWLS) after Judy’s husband (PUNCH and Judy) (PUNCH BOWLS) holds onto warm wine (PUNCH BOWLS),

12 Registered (R-) at last (-END-) in hospital (-ER) (RENDER) to provide a service (RENDER),

14 Prime minister (P-M-) admits everyone (-ALL) before the works (the works = -ALL) (PALL MALL) produces smoke in London perhaps (PALL MALL cigarettes and PALL MALL street in London),

15 It’s the familiar speech (ENGLISH LANGUAGE), in a manner of speaking (ENGLISH LANGUAGE),

18 The Italian Job (BURGLARY film) steals the show perhaps? (BURGLARY),

20 Less assertive (MEEKER) for gamekeepers dropping pages (‘gamekeepers’ without ‘pages’ = mkeeer = MEEKER),

22 In favour of (PRO-) Turkish leader (leader of Turkish = -T-) with strange notice (notice = -ECTION) (PROTECTION) in shelter (PROTECTION),

24 It’s extra at Lords (‘an extra’ refers to a WIDE at Lords) provided you and I (we = W-E) embrace Diana (Di = -ID-) coming back (WIDE),

25 Novice (learner = -L-) sheltered by pioneer (F-OUNDER) (FLOUNDER) of small flatfish (FLOUNDER),

26 Do well (THRIVE) with article (TH-E) about Irish king (king = rí = -RI-) close to victory (-V-) (THRIVE).


1 Well, it isn’t (ILL-) for America (-US-) and Spain (-E) (ILL-USE) to act cruelly towards someone (ILL-USE),

2 Graduate (BA-) gets it (-IT) (BAIT) for catching 25 across (= ‘flounder’ fish caught by BAIT),

3 Drives (drives/driveway = CAR PARKS) transports (CAR-S) around Burren (Burren National Park = -PARK-) for one (CAR PARKS),

4 Express disapproval (BOO-) to nationalist (-N) (BOON) at benefit (BOON),

5 Wager (BET-) that man (-HE-) is with novice (learner = -L) (BETHEL) from chapel for fishermen (BETHEL),

6 Questions bravery (MAN OR MOUSE?) provided Mother (MA-) finds Norman (-N OR M-) missing first house (‘house’ without ‘h’ = ouse = -OUSE) (MAN OR MOUSE),

7 Inexperienced (RAW-) pupil (learner = -L-) with Bash Street kid (-PLUG) (RAWLPLUG) is driven up the wall perhaps (RAWLPLUG),

13 Bizarre feud (feud = DE-FU-) takes in match (-LIGHT-) with second class (second letter of class = -L) (DELIGHTFUL) – charming! (DELIGHTFUL),

14 Effortlessly prosperous (PALMY) start to 14 across (PAL-) for what belongs to me (-MY) (PALMY),

16 They support no one (NEUTRALS) in greys and beiges (NEUTRALS),

17 Mention a (mention a = NOMINATE) dickey name (NOMINATE),

19 Go along with (ACCEDE) account (a/c = AC-) transfer (-CEDE) (ACCEDE),

21 Let us (“let us” = “lettuce” = ENDIVE) say it’s a bitter Mediterranean plant (ENDIVE),

23 It’s with regard to (IN RE) being at home (at home = IN-) and raised in hospital (ER = -RE) (IN RE),

24 Come in first (WO-N) over river (-R-) (WORN) in tatters (WORN).