Crosaire No 15046 by Crossheir – Monday, March 25, 2013

Mon, Mar 25, 2013, 23:55



8 Emerging economic countries (Brazil, Russia, India & China = the BRIC countries -BRIC) behind old city (Ur = RU) returning (RUBRIC) one in red ink (heading/statement often in red ink = RUBRIC)

9 It’s a lottery (THE POOLS) for flukes perhaps (flukes are fish, associated with THE POOLS),

10 Party (DO) for computer department (information technology = IT) (DO IT) gets go ahead (DO IT),

11 This might sound forward (SUGGESTIVE), but how about filling in the crossword? (SUGGESTIVE),

12 Accountant (CA-) hides mare (mare = -MERA) chopped up (CAMERA) for film crew (CAMERA),

14 American school outing perhaps (outdoor picnic/gathering = CLAMBAKE) for woolly type (-LAMB-) in Madeira (Madeira cake = C-AKE) (CLAMBAKE),

15 Fried up leftovers (BUBBLE AND SQUEAK) – it’s a plus (AND) in Champagne (BUBBLE) Creak! (a play on ‘creek’, hence ‘creak!’ = SQUEAK) (BUBBLE AND SQUEAK),

18 Provides two names (BINOMIAL) for caddy (BIN-) with nothing (-O-) to mail (mail = -MIAL) surprisingly (BINOMIAL),

20 It’s a flipping robbery (hold up = UPHOLD) to endorse (UPHOLD),

22 Humpty-Dumpty isn’t (HARD-BOILED) a tough cynical type (HARD-BOILED),

24 Need for (WANT) worker (-ANT) behind workers’ leader (leader of workers = W-) (WANT),

25 Former professor (Professor Emeritus = EMER-) and master (-GENT) (EMERGENT) in process of becoming prominent (EMERGENT),

26 Nerds leave news dealers (‘news dealers’ without ‘nerds’ = weales = WEASEL) with local rogue (WEASEL).


1 For Spain (E-), old city (-UR-) confused old-aged pensioner (OAP = -OPA) (EUROPA) with Greek princess (EUROPA),

2 With sweetheart (heart of sweet = e) it provides note (note it = write it) (WRIT with ‘e’ = write) for warrant (WRIT),

3 Winter pursuit (ICE SKATE) is on the rocks (ICE) for relative of Ray (SKATE is fish relative of ray) (ICE SKATE),

4 Skinhead (head of skin = S-) has catch phrase (-TAG) (STAG): no women allowed here (no women at a STAG party),

5 Old spirit (spirit = gin = GENEVA gin/Dutch gin) of Switzerland (GENEVA),

6 Sound (TOOT-) for ice-cream company (-HB-) to charge (-RUSH) (TOOTHBRUSH) for what’s found in dentist’s surgery (TOOTHBRUSH),

7 Killed in action (killed in action  = -KIA) after awful salvo (salvo = SLOVA-) (SLOVAKIA) in Central Europe (SLOVAKIA),

13 Sort of remedy (remedy = EM-DERY) catches brother (-BRO-) with one (-I-) (EMBROIDERY) type of decorative cloth (EMBROIDERY),

14 Chaplains drop ship (‘chaplains’ without ‘ship’ = calan = CANAL) for the boat (CANAL is for the boat),

16 Protest vigorously over (UP IN ARMS) you (U-) with badge (-P IN) and guns (ARMS) (UP IN ARMS),

17 Small (S-) log cabin (-HUT-) up North (-DOWN is up north) (SHUTDOWN) has option on computer (shut down = SHUTDOWN),

19 First person (I-) getting to individual (-ONE-) in middle of street (street = road = -R-D) (IRONED) smoothed things over (IRONED),

21 Looking back, it’s about (re = -ER) dodgy spirit (spirit = gin = -ING-) left (L-) LINGER) to wait around (LINGER),

23 Dead (LATE) behind time (LATE),

24 For listening (-EAR) behind wicket (W-) (WEAR) in sport (to sport something = to WEAR something).