Crosaire No 15045 by Crossheir – Saturday, March 23, 2013

Sun, Mar 24, 2013, 23:55



1 Belfast boy (‘Belfast Boy’ = George BEST) left behind (FORGOTTEN) (BEST FORGOTTEN) is glad to clear out memory bank (BEST FORGOTTEN),

10 Humpty Dumpty (EGGHEAD) hides in shell (EGG-) on top (-HEAD) (EGGHEAD),

11 It’s a pittance in Paris (old French coin of little value = SOU-) to party (Fianna Fáil = -FF-) with the French (the = -LE) (SOUFFLE) found in bakery (SOUFFLE),

12 Temperature (T-) at lough (Lough Ree = -REE) at 28 down (= ‘baobab’ = TREE),

13 Not interested (BORED) in best offer (best offer = BO-) for revolutionary (-RED) (BORED),

15 Fly (GNAT) legend (end of leg = G-) to get colour (tan = -NAT) back (GNAT),

17 It goes over keeper’s head (the BAR is over goalkeeper’s head) in watering hole (BAR),

19 Causes havoc in water (EXOCET = “flying fish” missile) for former (EX-) officer (Officer Commanding = -OC-) to back Lawrence (TE Lawrence = TE = -ET) (EXOCET),

21 Platter (D-ISH) includes duck (-O-) for five (-V-) (DOVISH) peacemakers with conciliatory policies (a ‘dove’ advocates peaceful polices = DOVISH; the opposite to a ‘hawk’ / ‘hawkish’),

22 Father (FR-) a little bizarre (-ANTIC) (FRANTIC) in wild (FRANTIC),

23 Article (A-) on Galway (-C-ITY) admits youth centre (centre of youth = -U-) (ACUITY) has sharp vision (ACUITY),

25 Call for silence (SH-) – a (-A-) guy (-MAN) (SHAMAN) is heavy on the spirits perhaps (person regarded as having access to the spirit world = SHAMAN),

27 Military leader (leader of military = M-) finds Russian flower (Russian River Ob = -OB) (MOB) for the Mass (the mass = the MOB),

29 Chloe leaves chamomile (‘chamomile’ without ‘chloe’ =  ammi = IMAM) with Muslim leader (IMAM),

30 Incidentally (by the way), it doesn’t require article (the) (‘by the way’ without ‘the’ = by way = BYWAY) for a minor road (BYWAY),

31 Put the carpet over (FELT) paper (Financial Times = F-T) wrapping the article from abroad (‘el’ = ‘the’ in Spanish = -EL-) (FELT),

34 A French (a = UN-) gangster (-AL-) and American president (-IKE) (UNALIKE) are not the same (UNALIKE),

35 Beyond schedule (BELATED) and dead (-LATE-) in bed (BE-D) (BELATED),

36 Salvage work perhaps (salvage the BEST OF A BAD JOB) to put a good face on it (make the BEST OF A BAD JOB).


2 The Greek artist (EL GRECO) gives the Spanish (the = EL) green light (G-O) to cover record (-REC-) (EL GRECO),

3 Tyre (tyre = TREY) remoulded in small clubs (three of clubs/three of any suit of cards = TREY),

4 Cleaning windows (ODD JOB) is off the wall (ODD) at robbery (JOB) (ODD JOB),

5 Government leader (leader of Government = G-) to marshal (-USHER) (GUSHER) strike at oil well (a GUSHER),

6 Germans leave draughtsmen (‘draughtsmen’ without ‘germans’ = duht =  THUD) in crash (THUD),

7 Aer Lingus (E-I) carry party (Fianna Fáil = -FF-) to finish (-END) (EFFENDI) with great respect in Turkey (EFFENDI),

8 Top-drawer (BEST) performance (BEHAVIOUR) (BEST BEHAVIOUR) is as good as gold (BEST BEHAVIOUR),

9 Tip (BEST THING TO DO) leading (the BEST) lightweight (THIN-) to get green light (-G -O) to box Tod (Tod = TO D-) (BEST THING TO DO),

14 Painter (RA-) at home (-IN-) with Bob (bob/curtsy = -BOW) (RAINBOW) changes colour of skyline (RAINBOW),

16 Substantial (HEFTY) foot (-FT-) found in dried grass (“hay” = “hey” =  -HE-Y) we hear (HEFTY),

18 Allen and Dan (Lough Allen and Lough Dan = LOCHS) reportedly found on the canals (“locks” = LOCHS),

20 Test everyone’s patience (TRY everyone’s patience) with score at Thomond (a TRY),

21 Police (D-S) hold one (-I-) (DIS) down under (hell/infernal world + god of underworld = DIS),

24 Innocent (UNAWARE) peacekeeper (United Nations = UN-) finds Russell (AE Russell = -A-E) embracing conflict (-WAR-) (UNAWARE),

26 Am (am = MA-) coming back to manage store (store = ESTRO) (MAESTRO) for expert (MAESTRO),

27 Manuscript (M-S-) hides unknown quantity (unknown quantity = -Y-) for leprechaun (-ELF) (MYSELF) and me (MYSELF),

28 Robert (Bob = B-OB-) wraps note (music note A = -A-) for sailor (able-bodied seaman = -AB) (BAOBAB) in monkey bread tree (BAOBAB),

32 Bird (T-IT) swallows large (-L-) (TILT) list (to list/lean over = to TILT),

33 Walk heavily (PLOD) from Poland (PL-) with overturned party (do = -OD) (PLOD).