Crosaire No 15044 by Crossheir – Friday, March 22, 2013

Fri, Mar 22, 2013, 23:55



1 How Bill arrives (bill arrived by post = BY HAND) with method of infection (BY HAND),

4 Gets smashed going around (STOCK CAR) with merchandise (STOCK) for passengers (CAR) (STOCK CAR),

9 Copper (CU-) finds American capital’s (Rio’s = -RIOS) (CURIOS) unusual stuff (CURIOS),

10 Weighs up (BALANCES) graduate programme (BA-) for pike (-LANCE-) getting to such a small size (small = -S) (BALANCES),

12 Wind falls (windfalls = APPLES) on charts (pie charts = PIES) (APPLE PIES) found in bakery (APPLE PIES),

13 Pull someone’s leg (“pull someone’s leg “ is an example of an IDIOM) in a manner of speaking (IDIOM),

14 For calling names (ALPHABETICAL) it’s how the letters are delivered  (ALPHABETICAL),

18 Sounds like flyer (“plane” = PLAIN) moving through water (SAILING) (PLAIN SAILING) process is uncomplicated (PLAIN SAILING),

21 Mother (M-A-) embraces first person (-I-) to express pain (-OW) (MIAOW) of catcall in a manner of speaking (MIAOW),

22 Sounds like it’s what horse is doing (HOOFING IT) to gallop we hear (“gallop” = “galop” = ballroom dance = HOOFING IT),

24 Eli (E- LI-) hides ten (-X) broken ribs (ribs = -BRIS) (EX LIBRIS) with bookplate (EX LIBRIS),

25 Lost and confused (ADRIFT), father (Da = AD-) turns up for row (-RIFT) (ADRIFT),

26 Wise guy (sage = S- AGE) admits it’s slow and steady (slow and steady = -PACE) for time in the future, by Jupiter (SPACE AGE),

27 Former (EX-) Turkish leader (leader of Turkish = -T-) at finish (-END) (EXTEND) with cause to last longer (EXTEND).


1 Bet (BACK) on a (A-) method (-WAY) (BACK AWAY) with draw (withdraw = BACK AWAY),

2 Irish dance (HORNPIPE) encourages transport movement (press/sound the HORN-) on Tube (-PIPE) (HORNPIPE),

3 Not a single person (NO ONE) at Number (number = No = NO) 1 (ONE) (NO ONE),

5 Broadcast signal (TRANSMISSION) for trains (trains) dropping one (i) (‘trains’ without ‘i’ = trans = TRANS-) on important assignment (-MISSION) (TRANSMISSION),

6 New chair (chair = CHA-RI) embraces rival (rival) dropping last letter (l) (‘rival’ without ‘l’ = riva = -RIVA-) (CHARIVARI) with loud mocking serenade (CHARIVARI),

7 It’s regularly repeated (CYCLIC) – Ephesians leave physical science (‘physical science’ without ‘Ephesians’ = yiclcc = CYCLIC),

8 Amount of money (-SUM-) found in big lough (Lough Ree = RE-E) (RESUME) with curriculum vitae (RESUME),

11 Stopping something burning to a crisp (FIREFIGHTING) leads to blowing old flame out perhaps (FIREFIGHTING),

15 Sounds like first victim (“Abel” = -ABLE) is behind permit (ALLOW-) (ALLOWABLE), okay? (ALLOWABLE),

16 Go around (RING-) left (-SIDE) (RINGSIDE) for lovers of a good fight (RINGSIDE),

17 Old ones (AG-ED) embraced one (-I-) with tasteless jewellery (-TAT-) (AGITATED) in a tizzy (AGITATED),

19 It’s where flowers are (in flower beds = -BEDS) behind me (me = -EM-) returning (EMBEDS) with plants (EMBEDS),

20 Father (D-A) admits hail (hail = -AHLI-) ruined (DAHLIA) Mexican flower (DAHLIA),

23 At home (IN), writer (ed = -DE-) overturned cross (-X) (INDEX) with bookend (INDEX).