Crosaire No 15043 by Crossheir – Thursday, March 21, 2013

Thu, Mar 21, 2013, 23:55



8 Long swimmer (ling fish = L-ING) admits four (-IV-) (LIVING) means of support (LIVING),

9 Worker (ANT-) not well (-ILL-) on ecstasy (-E) south (-S) (ANTILLES) of the West Indies (ANTILLES),

10 Enthusiasm (ZING) in last letter (Z-) for what’s popular (what’s ‘in’ = -IN-) with golf (-G) (ZING),

11 Authorisation (TICKET-) at end of July (end of July = -Y-) to jeer (-BOO) (TICKETY-BOO) old form of fine (old way of saying ‘fine!’ = TICKETY-BOO),

12 Maul (maul = ALUM-) disturbed by Ulster (Northern Ireland = -NI) (ALUMNI) with old boys (ALUMNI),

14 I’m (IM-) going to die (-MORTAL) (IMMORTAL) famous (IMMORTAL),

15 Type of seal (WALRUS is related to seal family) under one’s nose (MOUSTACHE) (WALRUS MOUSTACHE) grown by Nietzsche for one (WALRUS MOUSTACHE),

18 Humpty-Dumpty, for one (TOP-HEAVY), with head (TOP-) on stout (-HEAVY) (TOP-HEAVY),

20 Sanction (RATIFY) for Raymond (RA-Y) admitting fit-up (fit = -TIF-) (RATIFY),

22 It can be hell (ABYSS-) at home (-IN-) for John in Scotland (John = Ian in Scotland = -IAN) (ABYSSINIAN) with old person from Ethiopia (Ethiopia was formerly Abyssinia; person from Abyssinia = ABYSSINIAN),

24 Web address (-URL) behind Planck’s constant (Planck’s constant = H-) (HURL) project (HURL),

25 Be sensitive to the problem (EMPATHIC) of dreadful mice (mice = EM-IC) besieging passage (-PATH-) (EMPATHIC),

26 Unearth (EXHUME) dead (EX-) buzz (-HUM-) for engineer (-E) (EXHUME).


1 Son does his duty (FILIAL) to occupy (FIL-L) around island (-I-) area (-A) (FILIAL),

2 Family (KIN-) legend (end of leg = -G) (KING) found on board (KING is found on chess board),

3 Sounds like Freud’s holiday plans (EGO TRIPS) are self-important (EGO TRIPS),

4 Mother (MA-) arrives at religious institution (Roman Catholic = -RC) (MARC) for leftovers from winemaking (MARC),

5 Haze (ST-EAM) hides king (king = royal = -R-) (STREAM) in creek (STREAM),

6 Mitch (PLAY TRUANT) to take part in (to PLAY) The Fugitive outside school (TRUANT) (PLAY TRUANT),

7 Clare (CE-) not (-NOT-) to express surprise (Ah! = -A-H) about parking (-P-) (CENOTAPH) at memorial (CENOTAPH),

13 Sounds like Irish legislation (MURPHY’S LAW) is bound to go wrong (MURPHY’S LAW),

14 Climbing plant (IV-Y) covers job centre (centre of job = -O-) writing (writing is one of ‘the three Rs’ = -R-) (IVORY) with creamy white colour (IVORY),

16 A (A-) grave (-TOM B-) treacherous mob (mob = -OMB) (ATOM BOMB) is hugely destructive (ATOM BOMB),

17 Point (compass point south = S-) to newspaperman (-PRINTER)? (SPRINTER) He’s built for speed (SPRINTER),

19 Article (A-) that’s morally justified (-RIGHT) (ARIGHT) dated correctly (dated/old word for ‘correctly’ = ARIGHT),

21 In favour of (FOR-) redirecting sum (sum = -UMS) (FORUMS) to public squares in Rome (FORUMS),

23 Why is it irritating (ITCH) when it (IT-) is so near Switzerland? (-CH) (ITCH),

24 His Holiness (H-H-) admits answer (-A-) to article (-A) (HA-HA) is very funny (HA-HA).