Crosaire No 15042 by Crossheir – Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Wed, Mar 20, 2013, 23:55



1 Friend from Galway (friend = CARA-) with iron (-FE) (CARAFE) jug of wine (CARAFE),

4 Mummy came from there (mummies/preserved bodies found in EGYPT-) with one (-I-) article (-AN) (EGYPTIAN) from Alexandria (an EGYPTIAN is from Alexandria),

9 Champ again (chew previously digested food = CUD-) to become firm (to gel = -GEL) (CUDGEL) in club (CUDGEL),

10 Kay (K-) with long swimmer (-EEL) on top of (OVER) (KEEL OVER) collapse (KEEL OVER),

12 Pat (TOUCH-) goes to Ulster (-DOWN) (TOUCHDOWN) for pilot’s job perhaps (TOUCHDOWN is pilot’s job)

13 Bill (-AD-) in South American city (R-IO) (RADIO) for the waves (RADIO),

14 It’s not carefully planned (ILL-CONCEIVED) for those in hospital (ILL-) to become pregnant (-CONCEIVE-) with director (-D) (ILL-CONCEIVED),

18 Keeps cool (REFRIGERATOR) in kitchen (REFRIGERATOR),

21 Aggressive type (SHREW) with that woman (SH-E-) rings Russian leader (leader of Russian = -R-) for whiskey (-W) (SHREW),

22 They play at the Aviva (GARDA BAND play at the Aviva) with no strikers by law (GARDA BAND / Garda force officially can’t strike / have strikers),

24 At home (IN), kind of awe (awe = -E WA-) found in your old (old form of ‘your’ = thy = TH- -Y) (IN THE WAY) obstacle (IN THE WAY),

25 French capital (capital of French = F-) not left (-RIGHT) (FRIGHT) in panic (FRIGHT),

26 Found in garden shed (HO-E) hiding me (-ME-) with angry (-MAD-) (HOME-MADE) amateur production (HOME-MADE),

27 Materialize (APPEAR) with primate (AP-E-) admitting pressure (-P-) on painter (RA = -AR) returning (APPEAR).


1 Prepare to shoot (cock a gun = COCK-) detective (-TAIL) (COCKTAIL) with white Russian (COCKTAIL),

2 Make a greater effort (REDOUBLE) to be louder (be louder = REDOUBLE) in a way, 3 She (she = -ESH) falls apart after father (FR-) (FRESH) produces crisp (FRESH),

5 It’s like Olive (olive GREEN) to recognise (FINGER-) skinhead (head of skin = -S) (GREEN FINGERS) has attributes for career in garden centre (GREEN FINGERS),

6 Seal lover in zoo (a POLAR BEAR loves to eat seals) gets opposite (POLAR) support (BEAR) (POLAR BEAR),

7 Up north (Northern Ireland = IN-), Dave (Dave = -VADE) wandering (INVADE) in storm (INVADE),

8 Charlie’s agents in Mexico (‘charlie’ = drugs; NARCOS = used in America to describe drug user/police drug squad = NARCOS) ran (ran = NAR-) back to firms (companies = COs = -COS) (NARCOS),

11 22 across play them (Garda Band play a CONCERT) in front of thousand (GRAND) (CONCERT GRAND) with large piano (CONCERT GRAND),

15 It’s not on (it’s OVER-) to find women (-W-) at the wheel (the wheel = the helm = -HELM) (OVERWHELM) in swamp (OVERWHELM),

16 Fall behind (STRAGGLE) reproduced alerts (alerts = STRA-LE) covering horse (-GG-) (STRAGGLE),

17 Teardrop (teardrop = PREDATOR) confused killer (killer = PREDATOR),

19 Is (IS-) first class (-AI-) to express surprise (-AH) (ISAIAH) to prophet? (ISAIAH),

20 In favour of (PRO) team (team) dropping middleman (middle of man = a) (‘team’ without ‘a’ = tem = TEM) (PRO TEM) for the time being (PRO TEM),

23 Falling over oneself (A TRIP) to go to New York, for one (A TRIP).