Crosaire No 15041 by Crossheir – Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Tue, Mar 19, 2013, 23:55



8 A (A-) show of hands (-POLL-), for the love (-O) (APOLLO) of god (APOLLO),

9 Ribs (ribs = BRIS-) in a way long swimmer (-LING) (BRISLING) related to herring (BRISLING is related to herring),

10 One of us (CELT) is with the Spanish (the = -EL-) in Connecticut (C-T) (CELT),

11 Release (FREE-) soldier (-LANCER) (FREELANCER) not on general staff (FREELANCER),

12 Delicate (FEEBLE) atmosphere (FEE-L-) around British capital (capital of British = -B-) on Europe (-E) (FEEBLE),

14 He makes sure things go off okay (GUNSMITH) for metalworker (-SMITH) hanging out of arm (‘hanging out of” = ‘smith’ is positioned after ‘gun’; arm = GUN-) (GUNSMITH),

15 Thrilling (ELECTRIC) to cover (BLANKET) (ELECTRIC BLANKET) heated affair in bedroom perhaps (ELECTRIC BLANKET),

18 Make music (rap = ARP-) for young one (-EGG-) at Number 10 (10 = -IO) (ARPEGGIO) with notes played in succession (ARPEGGIO),

20 E’s (-ES-) small (-S-) in boring (DR-Y) (DRESSY) sort of black-tie (DRESSY),

22 Sees (sees = ES-ES) way around proposal (-PLAN-) and advertisement (-AD-) (ESPLANADES) for walkways along beach (ESPLANADES),

24 Copper (CU-) goes down street (-RD) (CURD) for tasty bit of cauliflower (CURD),

25 Delete (CUT) answer (A) – ( = symbol for dash = DASH) (CUT A DASH) to look good? (CUT A DASH),

26 Spoil (IMPAIR) individual (I-) with father (-PA-) in space station (-M-IR) (IMPAIR).


1 Press agency (AP-) gets Irish address (Ireland domain address = .ie = -IE-) and way to Clare (-CE) (APIECE) separately (APIECE),

2 Paper (F-T) covering American city (-LA-) (FLAT) provides broad appearance with little depth (FLAT),

3 Organises Fringe (COIFFEUR arranges/cuts a fringe) if (-IF-) sweetheart (heart/centre of sweet = -E-) is in Corfu (Corfu = CO-F-UR) running amok (COIFFEUR),

4 Old English (-OE) go after outside broadcast (OB-) (OBOE) with mouthpiece (OBOE),

5 Take the place of (FILL IN) figurehead (head of figure = F-) not well (-ILL) at home (IN) (FILL IN),

6 In France, white (white = BLANC-) guy (-MAN-), for example (e.g. = -GE), (BLANCMANGE) returns with sweet dessert (BLANCMANGE),

7 It will disturb (UNSETTLE) peacekeeper (United Nations = UN-) to reach agreement (-SETTLE) (UNSETTLE),

13 It means a lot (a BUCKETLOAD) to hear dear (“dear” = “deer” = BUCK-) Lawrence (TE Lawrence = TE = -ET-) backing lad (-L-AD) outside job centre (centre of job = -O-) (BUCKETLOAD),

14 Government leader (leader of Government = G-) to echo (“echo” = -ECKO) reportedly low life incapable of blinking (GECKO lizards can’t blink),

16 Good fun (LARK-) to stimulate (-SPUR) (LARKSPUR) one close to the delphiniums (LARKSPUR plant is related to delphiniums),

17 Miss (LADY) the boat perhaps (SHIP) (LADYSHIP) with your address for woman (your LADYSHIP),

19 One getting equipment from 14 across (= ‘gunsmith’ is where GUNMAN gets equipment) is in on the kill (GUNMAN),

21 Sound (sound/inlet = STRAIT) like you’re not on a bender we hear (not on a bender = “straight” = STRAIT),

23 Lance leaves dance hall (‘dance hall’ without ‘lance’ = dahl = DAHL) for Indian food (DAHL),

24 Bashful (CO-Y) around political leader (leader of political = -P-) (COPY) with ape (COPY).