Crosaire No 15040 by Crossheir – Monday, March 18, 2013

Mon, Mar 18, 2013, 23:55



1 That man (HE-) with Charlie (-C-) and jerk (-TIC) (HECTIC) is frantic (HECTIC),

4 Make skinny (EMACIATE) Aer Lingus characters (EI = Aer Lingus characters  = E-I-) hide computer (-MAC-) at end of June (end of June = -E) (EMACIATE),

9 Middleman (middle of man = A-) to unite (unite = -UNTIE) tempestuously (AUNTIE) with relative (AUNTIE),

10 You can lie about them (lie back in ARMRESTS) as they give you an option to relax (ARMRESTS),

12 It’s dragged out (-LONG) after Mark (mark/grade = A-) reached Leinster (Leinster rugby = -SIDE) (ALONGSIDE) at the same time (ALONGSIDE),

13 Expose oneself to (INCUR) dog (-CUR) behind at home (‘at home’ = IN-) (INCUR),

14 Goes house-to-house (HOMING PIEGON) in loft (HOMING PIEGON found in loft / pigeon house)

18 Promote (FOSTER-) butter (-FAT-) to that girl (-HER) (FOSTER-FATHER) in daddy’s shoes (FOSTER-FATHER),

21 It doesn’t give the impression it’s a hothouse (IGLOO) but it’s warm enough inside (IGLOO),

22 The (THE-) disorganised Hoops (hoops = -OSOPH-) at the end of July (end of July = -Y) (THEOSOPHY) searches for divine intervention perhaps (THEOSOPHY),

24 Before electrification, smoothes things out (FLATIRON) for apartment (FLAT-) on golf club (-IRON) (FLATIRON),

25 Red fruit (HAW-) is first class (-AI-) on island (-I) (HAWAII) in America (HAWAII),

26 Form of betting (TOTE-) on Frenchmen (Messieurs = MM = -M-M) boxing is (-IS-) (TOTEMISM) emblematic of certain cultures (TOTEMISM),

27 What Native American said (“how” = umbrella term for word in some native American languages – howo; ho; hao; haw – = HOW-) to father (-DA-) at hotel (-H) (HOWDAH) in jumbo seat (seat on an elephant/jumbo for carrying people = HOWDAH).


1 Pain in the neck (‘pain in the neck’ = troublesome person = a HEADACHE) to crown (HEAD-) a (-A-) revolutionary (-CHE) (HEADACHE),

2 Pull a fast one (CON-) at French battle (-SOMME) (CONSOMME) for starters (CONSOMME soup),

3 In charge of (IC-) making gin (-ING) (ICING) for Christmas cake (ICING),

5 Trade (MARKET) new form of danger (danger = GARDEN) (MARKET GARDEN) for the Greens (MARKET GARDEN),

6 Transport (CAR-) Nora (-N-ORA) sheltering four (-IV-) (CARNIVORA) of the cats and dogs (CARNIVORA),

7 Gangster’s (plural of Al = Als = ALS-) master (-ACE) (ALSACE) found in France. Or was that Germany? (ALSACE),

8 Push out (EXSERT) former partner (EX-) for potential rest (rest = -SERT) (EXSERT),

11 Sidney (Sid = DIS-) comes back to position (to position = to put = – PUT-) nations (nations) to release new (n) (‘nations’ without ‘n’ = ations = -ATIONS) (DISPUTATIONS) arguments (DISPUTATIONS),

15 It’s a new expression (NEOLOGISM) for Horsegate (Horsegate = NEOLOGISM),

16 Get rid of (SHIP-) space at back of house (-YARD) (SHIPYARD) for the boats (SHIPYARD),

17 Copyright (C-) for flat swimmer (-RAY-) to cod (-FISH) (CRAYFISH) crustacean (CRAYFISH),

19 Sounds like name for teacher (Miss) in good shape (Fit) (“Miss Fitt” = MISFIT) for oddball (MISFIT),

20 Detective (P-I-) admits novice (learner = -L-) worker (-ANT) (PLIANT) is flexible (PLIANT),

23 Headgear for fighter? (SHAKO) Oh be quiet (Sh! = SH-), it’s a (-A-) knockout (knockout = -KO) (SHAKO).