Crosaire No 15039 by Crossheir – Saturday, March 16, 2013

Sun, Mar 17, 2013, 23:55



1 Doctor’s prescription (MEDICINE) found at Croke Park (BALLS) (MEDICINE BALLS) works stomach muscles (heavy balls used for training exercises = MEDICINE BALLS),

10 Retired professor (professor emeritus = EMER-) and old council member (alderman = -ALD) (EMERALD) with one of the Stones (EMERALD is one of the stones),

11 Hector (hector = CHORT-E) stupidly rings novice (learner = -L-) (CHORTLE) with gleeful laugh (CHORTLE),

12 Virginia (-VA-) in at home (at home = in = -I-N) (IVAN) with terrible man by all accounts (IVAN the Terrible),

13 Every Garda’s beat (beat = PULSE) leads to it in Garda barracks (IT/information technology/computer in Garda barracks = PULSE),

15 I’m (IM = M-I) going back over papers (-ID-) (MIDI) in the south of France (MIDI is the south of France),

17 It’s laughable (GAS) as (-AS) it’s behind head of Government (head of Government = G-) (GAS),

19 One (I-) for Clare (-CE) to approach driving hazard (FOG) (ICE FOG) with winter mist (ICE FOG),

21 Old boys (ALUMNI) form maul (maul = ALUM-) against Ulster (Ulster = -NI) (ALUMNI),

22 No good (-NG-) in Syria (SYRI-A) (SYRINGA) for orange pretender in garden? (‘mock orange’ shrub = SYRINGA),

23 Early bird (EGG) award (CUP) (EGG CUP) would look silly in trophy cabinet (EGG CUP),

25 Officer (Officer Commanding = OC-) with colour (-TAN-) engineering (-E) (OCTANE) liquid for petroleum (OCTANE),

27 Cut heel off bread (cut heel/slice off bread / loaf = OAF) for fool (OAF),

29 Article (-AN-) in South China (South China = Hong Kong = H-K) (HANK) provides lengthy yarn (HANK),

30 Go away (SCRAM) with barman (Senior Counsel = SC-), artist (Royal Academy = -RA-) and Frenchman (Monsieur = -M) (SCRAM),

31 Ernst leaves terminals (‘terminals’ without ‘Ernst’ = mial = LIMA) with South American capital (LIMA is capital of Peru in South America),

34 Spain (SPANI-) not right for the Spanish (the = -EL) (SPANIEL) submissive type (used metaphorically, SPANIEL = symbol of devotion/attention),

35 Vault (ARCH-) on first class (-AI-) college (-C) (ARCHAIC) is out of date (ARCHAIC),

36 It needs to be said, which doctor (“which” doctor = “witch” doctor = MEDICINE WOMAN) will cure (MEDICINE) Jane? (WOMAN) (MEDICINE WOMAN).


2 The French (le = EL-) backed first lady (EV-E) circling Austria (-AT-) (ELEVATE) for higher position (ELEVATE),

3 In Middle East (IRAN), one admits losing no time getting there (I ran = IRAN)

4 Short injective remedy (intravenous drug = IV DRUG) unlikely to come from 36 across (= ‘medicine woman’ is unlikely to give IV DRUG),

5 Sounds like X and S (“XS” = EXCESS) for leftovers (EXCESS),

6 A small matter (ATOM) to (-TO-) drop down a (A-) size (medium size = -M) (ATOM)? ,

7 English (LIT-) buzz (-H-UM) around individual (-I-) (LITHIUM) lifts mood (LITHIUM),

8 Home-made dispensary (MEDICINE CHEST) leads to drug (MEDICINE) bust (CHEST) (MEDICINE CHEST),

9 Type of American prescription (Native American prescription = MEDICINE DANCE) from 36 down perhaps (= ‘medicine woman’ might do a MEDICINE DANCE),

14 Poor Liam (LIAM = LAMI-) ran (ran = -NAR) back (LAMINAR) from physical flow in thin plates (LAMINAR),

16 Best offer (BO-) for son (“son” = “sun” = -SUN), say, (BOSUN) handling equipment on board (a BOSUN is in charge of equipment / crew on ship),

18 A (A-) need (-LACK) (ALACK) to regret to say this (ALACK),

20 Local doctor (G-P) covers up male chromosome (-Y-) (GYP) swindle (GYP),

21 In the past (AGO) referred to as one’s turn (one’s turn = have ‘a go’ = AGO),

24 Goes off (GUN-) to Wales (Wales) without sulphur (s) (‘wales’ without ‘s’ = wale = -WALE) (GUNWALE) found on side of ship (the upper edge of the side of a ship = GUNWALE),

26 Pass master (pass master = ALI BABA of ‘Open Sesame’ fame) is the greatest (‘the greatest’ = Muhammad Ali = ALI) baby (baby = BABA) (ALI BABA),

27 Nothing (O-) in prison (-CELL-) for one (-I) (OCELLI) with eyelike spots (OCELLI),

28 Features (FAC-E) around advertisement (-AD-) (FACADE) is all for show (FACADE),

32 Is (-IS-) in north (N-I) (NISI) for form of decree (NISI),

33 ’E’s (E = ECHO) on the rebound (’s/is on the rebound = ECHO).