Crosaire No 15038 by Crossheir – Friday, March 15, 2013

Fri, Mar 15, 2013, 23:55



1 Turn pale (BLANCH) with barman (Bachelor of Law = BL-) finding half a man (half of ‘a man’ = a man) on church (-CH) (BLANCH),

4 No exceptions (STRICTLY) to speaking behind this sometimes (STRICTLY speaking),

9 It’s a duty (duty/tax = IMPOST) for devil (IMP-) to have nothing (-O-) to do with holy man (-ST) (IMPOST),

10 Shell (NAUTILUS) to arrange aunt (aunt = NAUT-) to go to Illinois (-IL-) with you and me (-US) (NAUTILUS),

12 De Sade (DES-E-AD-) and public relations officer (-P-R-O) mixed up (DESPERADO) with outlaw (DESPERADO),

13 Is (-IS-) between sun god (RA-) and Egyptian leader (leader of Egyptian = -E) (RAISE) in lift (RAISE),


18 Sense (SIGHT-) scanning (-READING) (SIGHT-READING) is for performance without prior coaching (SIGHT-READING),

21 Amuse oneself (play) dropping youth leader (leader of youth = y) (‘play’ without ‘y’ = pla = PLA-) returning all the letters (all the letters = A to Z = -ZA) (PLAZA) to square (PLAZA),

22 05 04 01 (0504 and 01 = AREA CODES) for getting in and out of rooms in buildings (AREA CODES),

24 Make weak (EMACIATE) sweetheart (heart of sweet = E-) go to friend (-MA-TE) hiding intelligence agency (-CIA-) (EMACIATE),

25 The look on someone’s face (VISAGE) at firm involved in plastic (plastic firm = credit card firm = VISA) turned for example (e.g. = -GE) (VISAGE),

26 French newspaper (Le Monde = LEMON-DE) covers amateur (-A-) (LEMONADE) recipe for soft drink (LEMONADE),

27 Do away with (REPEAL) exercise (-PE-) separating concrete (concrete = what’s real = RE-AL) (REPEAL).


1 Reduce (to reduce = BOIL DOWN) to supporting film (B movie = B-) being crude (-OIL-) and dispirited (-DOWN) (BOIL DOWN,

2 Primate (AP-E) admits assumption of fact (-POSIT) (APPOSITE) appropriate (APPOSITE),

3 Characters (CAST-) near Spain (-E) (CASTE) indicative of social group (CASTE),

5 Polo squad (TEAM OF HORSES) found in trainer’s yard (TEAM OF HORSES),

6 Bury (INTER) the greatest (the greatest = Muhammad Ali = ALI-) ace (-A) (INTER ALIA) among other things (INTER ALIA),

7 Thanks (TA-) to Limerick (Limerick County = -LK-) address in Ireland (Ireland domain address = .ie = -IE), (TALKIE), it doesn’t get the silent treatment (film with sound that came after silent films was called a TALKIE),

8 Assemblymen drop lambs (‘assemblymen’ drop ‘lambs’ = seymen = YES MEN) with toadies (YES MEN),

11 Timid (FAINT-HEARTED) and weak (FAINT-) with love (-HEART-) for Edward (-ED) (FAINT-HEARTED),

15 Roderick in Lisbon (Portuguese for Roderick = Rui = RUI-) race (-NATION) (RUINATION) in a state of collapse (RUINATION),

16 One prison after another (one prison after another = bird and cage = BIRDCAGE) for chat perhaps behind bars (for ‘chat perhaps’ / birdsong behind bars = BIRDCAGE),

17 Breakfast (EGGS-) perhaps for the devil (-HELL is for the devil) with 16 down (= birdcage = EGGSHELL),

19 Make an urgent request to (APPEAL) father (Pa = AP-) returning with a set of bells (set of bells = -PEAL) (APPEAL),

20 Joe (Joe = man = NA-M) comes back across friend (-PAL-) (NAPALM) fired during war (NAPALM used in incendiary bombs),

23 Barman leaves chamberlain (‘chamberlain’ without ‘barman’ = cheli = CHILE) for cold spot (chilly) in the Americas reportedly (“chilly” = “Chile” = CHILE).