Crosaire No 15037 by Crossheir – Thursday, March 14, 2013

Thu, Mar 14, 2013, 23:55



8 Get lost (VANISH) with redhead (r) (‘VANISH’ with ‘r’ = varnish) required for Japan, for one (japan = one type of varnish/lacquer),

9 Hot rod (hot rod = ORTHOD-) unsettled bull (-OX) (ORTHODOX) for conformist (ORTHODOX),

10 Signed on without dogs (‘signed on’ without ‘dogs’ = inen = NINE) before ten (NINE is before ten),

11 Restore with some sense (UNSCRAMBLE) peacekeeping (United Nations = peacekeeping = UN-) lawyer (-SC-) on stroll (-RAMBLE) (UNSCRAMBLE),

12 Get (G-ET-) over hospital (-H-) moving to (-TO) (GHETTO) rundown area of city (GHETTO),

14 Don’t go (STAY) dead (LATE)! (STAY LATE) Is this what one does if one hasn’t got a home to go to? (“have you no home to go to” might be said if you overstay /STAY LATE),

15 Wise guys point to it (wise guys or MAGI point to it = STAR OF BETHLEHAM) in Lily’s family (STAR OF BETHLEHAM is part of the lily family),

18 Alaska (AK-) tanks (vats = -VA-TS) hold six (-VI-) (AKVAVITS) bottles of poitín perhaps (AKVAVITS = type of poitín in Scandinavia),

20 Resist (resist = SISTER) break-up in feminist organisation (SISTER),

22 Watering hole (BAR-) on border (-BED) releases telegram (WIRE) (BARBED WIRE) keeping intruders out (BARBED WIRE),

24 High-flyer has great view (HAWK) of traffic (to traffic = to HAWK something),

25 Alcohol from wine shop (CARRY OUT) registered (-R-) to you (-Y OU-) in horse carriage (cart = CAR- -T) (CARRY OUT),

26 Pockets unexpected hits (snooker: a shot that goes into a pocket after striking another ball = IN-OFFS) for Home (IN-) and Away (-OFF-) on Sunday (-S) (IN-OFFS).


1 It’s in bad taste (GARISH) returning precious metal (silver = AG = GA-) to Irish (Irish) losing head (‘Irish’ losing head/first letter = rish = -RISH) (GARISH),

2 Make reference to (CITE) model (model T = -T-) within old transport company (CI-E) (CITE),

3 Take no notice of (SHRUG OFF) call for silence (SH-) to runner (-RUG) at leisure (OFF) (SHRUG OFF),

4 It’s usually up in the air how contest begins (TOSS a coin to begin a match/contest) to (TO-) get on board (-SS) (TOSS),

5 Hides back bones perhaps (backbones ‘hides’ breast bones = STERNA) at area (-A) behind rear of ship (STERN-) (STERNA),

6 Drink-drivers in restaurants (SOMMELIERS = wine waiters might drive/sell wine) with bottle openers? (SOMMELIERS open the wine),

7 Betting system (tote = TO-TE) holding individual (-I-) permit (-LET-) (TOILETTE) is all part of the get up (get up, wash and dress = TOILETTE),

13 Article (TH-E) admits study (-READ-) in courtroom (-BAR-) (THREADBARE) is the worse for wear (THREADBARE is the worse for wear),

14 Catch sight of (SEE-) policeman (-DS) (SEEDS) up the top at Wimbledon (SEEDS),

16 Steal (TAKE-) a (-A-) method (-WAY) (TAKE-AWAY) for making chips (TAKE-AWAY),

17 Uncontrolled emotion (HYSTERIA) affects everyone after Mass (mass HYSTERIA affects everyone),

19 Up north (NI = IN-), director (-D-) returns kangaroo (roo = -OOR) (INDOOR) to closed stadium (INDOOR),

21 Former girlfriend (EX-) to partner (-WIFE) (EX-WIFE) leaves husband (EX-WIFE),

23 Sounds like it divides (divides ‘in two’ = INTO) teachers’ leaders (INTO),

24 Bird sound (HOOT) in a riot (a riot = a HOOT)?.