Crosaire No 15036 by Crossheir – Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Wed, Mar 13, 2013, 23:55



1 African country (SA-) gets me (-M-E) to go all over the place (-PL-) (SAMPLE) for trial (SAMPLE),

4 Very thin (SKELETAL) elks (elks = SKEL-) cooked up late (late = -ETAL) (SKELETAL),

9 In Greece (ATHENS), article (A-N-) covers article (-THE-) on head of state (head of state = -S) (ATHENS),

10 Peacekeeper (United Nations = N-) on island (-I-) controls the flow (-VALVE) to (UNIVALVE) Shell all in one piece (UNIVALVE),

12 Extra payment (SURCHARGE) for toast (-CHAR-) in Rush (rush = SUR-GE) (SURCHARGE),

13 Obsession (MANIA) for type of person (MAN-) returning first class (AI = -IA) (MANIA),

14 Spanish address (Spanish domain = .es = -ES-) after street (ST-) gridlock (JAM-) at Sierra (-S) post (GATE) (ST JAMES’S GATE) for porter (porter/Guinness at ST JAMES’S GATE),

18 The biggest in school (KILLER WHALES are the biggest members of dolphin family or biggest in that group/school) does away with (KILLER) Wesley (W-ES) sheltering Henry (-HAL-) (KILLER WHALES),

21 Long time (AG-ES) wrapping you (-U-) (AGUES) with shivering fevers (AGUES),

22 Very forthright (TRENCHANT) to ditch (TRENCH-) worker (-ANT) (TRENCHANT),

24 Firm (CO-) finds you and I (-WE-) in bed and breakfast (-B-B-) getting by (-BY) (COBWEBBY) with dusty type (COBWEBBY),

25 Clare (C-E) embraces fantastic role (role = -REOL-) (CREOLE) in Caribbean restaurant (CREOLE),

26 Bob’s below the waves (bobs/flows along under the waves = DRIFT NET) as medic (DR-) fit (fit = -IFT) to be tied with web (NET) (DRIFT NET),

27 A shiver of excitement (TINGLE) for Sting (sting) dropping south (s) (‘sting’ without ‘s’ = ting = TING-) for the French (the = -LE) (TINGLE).


1 It’s the most modest (SPARSEST) source of water (SPA-) coming to standstill (rest = -R-EST) around the Point (compass point south = -S-) (SPARSEST),

2 Prince (MAHARAJA) is very theatrical (actor = ham = MAH-) turning to teetotaller (-A-A) admitting Indian rule (-RAJ-) (MAHARAJA),

3 Lee vocalising (“Lee” = “ly” = LY-) at concert venue (National Concert Hall = -NCH) (LYNCH) isn’t the legal way to say goodbye to someone (to LYNCH = to kill someone),

5 The voters of tomorrow in Berlin (the children = KINDER-) break garnet (garnet = -GARTEN) (KINDERGARTEN) before primary (KINDERGARTEN is before primary school),

6 Deep affection for (LOVE) striker in box (MATCH) (LOVE MATCH) is no marriage of convenience (LOVE MATCH),

7 Gift (TALENT) for turning up at (at = TA-) time with little on plate perhaps (-LENT) (TALENT),

8 Freedom (LEEWAY) running through Cork (river LEE-) on path (-WAY) (LEEWAY),

11 Time (T-) to relax (-REST-) at the French (the = -LE) buffet (TABLE) (TRESTLE TABLE) found in kitchen (TRESTLE TABLE),

15 Most important (MAIN-) that girl (-SHE-) with alien (-ET) (MAINSHEET) is used to guide the boat (MAINSHEET controls the mainsail),

16 From the beginning (ALL ALONG), it is fifty-fifty (-LL) in Angola (Angola = A-ALONG) shambles (ALL ALONG),

17 Are (A- -RE) sheltering to take a seat (-S IT-) in front of you and I (WE-) (AS IT WERE) in a way (AS IT WERE),

19 Chief of detectives did it (the chief RAN the CID = RANCID) by rank (rank/smelly = RANCID)

20 Sounds like relative (MUM) will invest (“buy” = “bai” = -BAI) (MUMBAI) in Bombay takeover (Bombay is now MUMBAI),

23 British surprise (Cor! = COR-) soldier (-GI) (CORGI) in Welsh cardigan (Welsh cardigan CORGI).