Crosaire No 15035 by Crossheir – Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Tue, Mar 12, 2013, 23:55



Due to a technical problem, the wrong grid was published to accompany Crosaire No 15,035 in yesterday’s newspaper.

We sincerely apologise for this error and the frustration it caused everyone.

I can send you the correct crossword on email if you contact me on

Lorna Kernan - Crossword Editor


8 Old leader (Dev = DE- V-) admits positive word from Berlin (yes = -JA) gives you (-U) (DEJA VU) familiar feeling (DEJA VU),

9 Offer employment on notice board (PUT UP JOB) to give prearranged false impression (PUT-UP JOB)

10 University (University of Limerick = UL = -LU-) turns up in Clare (C-E) (CLUE) – this is it (this is a CLUE),

11 Director (-D-) in control (POW-ER-) gets blast (-PUFF) (POWDER-PUFF) from dust pad (POWDER-PUFF),

12 Exclamation of displeasure (Bah! = BHA-) assembling kit (-KTI) (BHAKTI) for religious practice in India (BHAKTI),

14 Wait … no wait … (HESITATE), think twice about this (HESITATE),

15 Ironic how welfare cough up this (social welfare give SICKNESS BENEFIT) complaint (SICKNESS) for reward (BENEFIT) (SICKNESS BENEFIT),

18 Nan (ANN-) arranged to find you (-U-) a friend (-ALLY) (ANNUALLY) once a year (ANNUALLY),

20 Brother (-BR-) in some (SOM-E) (SOMBRE) dull mood (SOMBRE),

22 Fire (Fire! = SMOKE ALARM) butt (SMOKE) at gangster (Al Capone = -AL-) with weapon (-ARM) (SMOKE ALARM),

24 Messenger (PAGE) produces precious metal (silver = -AG-) in training centre (P-E) (PAGE),

25 At home (IN), got account (current account = CA-) of Middle East (-ME-) artist (-RA) (IN CAMERA) behind closed doors (IN CAMERA),

26 Makes amends (ATONES) as (A-S) embraces in a manner of speaking (-TONE-) (ATONES).


1 Muse leaves Methuselah (‘Methuselah’ without ‘muse’ = ethlah = HEALTH) for well-being (HEALTH),

2 Kale (Kale = LAKE) in a mess surrounded by land (LAKE),

3 Copyright (C-) to put (put = -UT-P-) awful Chinese staple (-RICE) (CUT PRICE) with bargain (CUT-PRICE),

4 Rapidly let go of (SPEW) long bench (-PEW) behind Point (compass point south = S-) (SPEW),

5 Draw attention to (STRESS) small weight (a stone weight = ST-) about (-RE-) to go onboard (-SS) (STRESS),

6 It’s precise to say (APOPHTHEGM) it’s not worth the paper it’s written on (“it’s not worth the paper it’s written on” = a cryptic remark = APOPHTHEGM),

7 Alien (-ET-) in recipe for confit? (CONF-TI) (CONFETTI) It goes over new wife’s head (CONFETTI),

13 The clan (the “clan” = the “Klan” = KU KLUX KLAN) it’s said who prefer White Christmases perhaps? (KU KLUX KLAN = name of several organisations through the years; some opposed to social change/minorities, etc., and, therefore, might prefer all-white Christmases),

14 Impulsive (HASTY) for good man (-ST-) to hide in straw (straw = HA-Y) (HASTY),

16 Public humiliation (IGNOMINY) for solider (GI = -IG-) returning with French name (name = -NOM-) fashionable (-IN-) at end of July (end of July = -Y) (IGNOMINY),

17 Not difficult to beat in butchers perhaps (EASY MEAT) with a piece of cake (EASY MEAT),

19 Open grassy land (LEA-) for revolutionary (red = -DER) returning (LEADER) with woman in charge (LEADER),

21 Reproach oneself for (rue = RU-E) taking in horse (-GG-) registered (-R) (RUGGER) as game in private schools (rugby = RUGGER),

23 Teetotaller (A-A) admits Jay (-J-) cross (-X) (AJAX) with Greek fighter (AJAX),

24 It’s a little academic (professor = PROF) to be in favour of (PRO-) loud music (-F) (PROF).