Crosaire No 15034 by Crossheir – Monday, March 11, 2013

Mon, Mar 11, 2013, 23:55



1 Illegal seizure (HIJACK) at Jill’s address perhaps (“Hi Jack” = HIJACK),

4 Project (project = jut = JU-T) involving director general (-DG-) and workers (-MEN-) (JUDGMENT) leads to decision in court (JUDGMENT),

9 Dirty (GRUBBY) blindside starter (start of blindside = -B-) in rugby (rugby = GRUB-Y) running amok (GRUBBY),

10 Every once and a while (SCARCELY) lawyer (SC-) goes on semi-circle (-ARC-) to place in Dublin (-ELY place) (SCARCELY),

12 Advertisement (AD-) with choice of words (-DICTION) (ADDICTION) is hard to give up (ADDICTION),

13 Bar (BAN-) on trade union (-TU) (BANTU) among people in southern Africa (BANTU),

14 It’s very cold (ARCTIC) going around (CIRCLE) (ARCTIC CIRCLE) in Alaska (ARCTIC CIRCLE),

18 Way into Dublin port (Port TUNNEL) for ghost (VISION) (TUNNEL VISION) with narrow focus (TUNNEL VISION),

21 Local excitement (Cor! = COR-) with soldier (-GI) (CORGI) almost legless at Buck House (CORGI has short legs and is popular dog in Buckingham Palace),

22 Comedian (wit = W- IT) admits that man (-HE-) getting about (-RE) is (IS) (WHERE IS IT) asked by Garda for location of swag (WHERE IS IT),

24 Works out what one is capable of (MAN HOURS) for John (MAN) at 2 o’clock and 3 o’clock (HOURS) (MAN HOURS),

25 Engineered mobile (mobile = EMBOLI) obstructions to flowing artery (EMBOLI),

26 Close, but no cigar (phrase “close, but no cigar” = NEAR MISS) for nationalist (N-) listener (-EAR) to teacher (MISS) (NEAR MISS),

27 Mark (CROSS-) with sweetheart (heart/centre of sweet = -E) (CROSSE) gets stick for playing team game (CROSSE is a stick used in lacrosse).


1 Last day in Glasgow (HOGMANAY is New Year’s Eve in Glasgow) for man (-MAN-) behind bore (“bore” = “boar” = HOG-) expressing assent (Ay = -AY) (HOGMANAY),

2 Resentment (JAUNDICE) to Germany’s positive response (yes = JA-) to foreign article (-UN-) found in casino (-DICE) (JAUNDICE),

3 Describes end of 2 down (= jaundice = dice = CUBIC shape) to junior reporter (CUB- reporter) in charge (-IC) (CUBIC),

5 It’s out of hand (UNCONTROLLED) for peacekeeper (United Nations = UN-) to constrain (-CONTROL-) the French (the = -LE-) director (-D) (UNCONTROLLED),

6 Makes capital in Latvia (Riga = GARI-) for smooth (-BALD-) one (-I) (GARIBALDI) with old Italian leader (GARIBALDI),

7 Watch closely (EYING) first person (one = “I” = “eye” = EYE-) we hear making gin (gin = -ING) (EYING),

8 Sounds like no chance of score at Aviva (try out = TRY-OUT) audition (TRY-OUT),

11 Sounds like butcher is not saying it as it is (MINCING WORDS) chopping up (MINCING) the cross ones? (crossWORDS) (MINCING WORDS),

15 Where to find Garda (IN UNIFORM) at home (IN) going steady (UNIFORM) (IN UNIFORM),

16 Fat cats (BIG SHOTS) in army barracks? (guns / BIG SHOTS in army barracks),

17 It’s not working (ON STRIKE) for one (ON -E) hiding ruffled skirt (skirt = STRIK-) (ON STRIKE),

19 Account (AC-) you (-U-) bring to lads (-MEN) (ACUMEN) provides ability to make good judgments (ACUMEN),

20 Ran (-RAN-) inside intelligence agency (C-IA) (CRANIA) for those looking after brains (CRANIA / skulls protect the brains),

23 Return Irish address (Ireland domain address – .ie = EI-) to me (-ME-) and Romeo (-R) (EIMER) with Cúchulainn’s wife (EIMER : can be also Emer / Eimear).