Crosaire No 15033 by Crossheir – Saturday, March 9, 2013

Sun, Mar 10, 2013, 23:55



1 Brother (BR-) Eoin (“Eoin” = “own” = -OWN) reported The Irish Times (PAPER) vanity case (BAG) (BROWN PAPER BAG) covered up prohibition (BROWN PAPER BAG used to hide alcohol during the Prohibition in US),

10 Understand (REALISE) it’s about (RE-) the greatest (‘the greatest’ = Muhammad Ali = -ALI-) direction (south-east = -SE) (REALISE),

11 Oxford (O-) writer (-PEN-) to broadcast (-AIR) (OPEN AIR) outside (OPEN AIR),

12 Everybody (-ALL) behind wicket (W-) (WALL) screen (WALL),

13 Artist (RA-) and Clare (-CE-) registered (-R) (RACER) for track event (RACER),

15 At front of boat (PROW) in favour of (PRO-) women (-W) (PROW),

17 Looks like Shergar (Shergar was a BAY horse) at a distance (at a distance = at BAY),

19 Private (INWARD) up north (NI = IN-) comes across places in hospital for the venerated perhaps (places/wards in Irish hospital are often called after saints = -WARD) (INWARD),

21 Manual (manual = ALUMNA) switched for female graduate (ALUMNA),

22 At home (IN) with Victor (V-), lawless riot (riot = -ITRO) (IN VITRO) created in artificial environment (IN VITRO),

23 Pressure (P-) on teetotaller (-A-A) hiding the father (-GOD-) (PAGODA) in temple (PAGODA),

25 Spins a yarn (CHARKA spins yarn in India) to listen (-HARK-) in California (C-A) (CHARKA),

27 Title (His Royal Highness = HRH) neighbours give to hear mam’s husband (“mam’s” = “Ma’am’s husband” = Queen Elizabeth’s husband = HRH Prince Philip),

29 One (I-) married reportedly to 27 across (= HRH Prince Philip is married to Queen Elizabeth = “Ma’am” = “mam” = -MAM) (IMAM) by Muslim leader (IMAM),

30 It’s strange (QUEER) being married to 27 across (= HRH Prince Philip is married to Queen Elizabeth) without name (n) (‘queen’ without ‘n’ = quee = QUEE-), right (-R)? (QUEER)?,

31 Must (must) drop temperature (t) for sweetheart (heart of sweet = -E) (replace ‘t’ with ‘e’ in ‘must’ = muse) (MUSE) for creative inspiration perhaps (MUSE),

34 Stupid (THICK-) alien (-ET) (THICKET) in copse (THICKET),

35 It’s about (RE-) Franciscans (-ORDER) with stock option (REORDER),

36 This doesn’t get sent to Revenue (BROWN ENVELOPE for cash bribe) in the post (BROWN ENVELOPE).


2 What barman did (bar man/lawyer READ LAW) about (RE-) advertisement (-AD) for Bill (LAW) (READ LAW),

3 Hold on (WAIT) for singers leaving waitressing (‘waitressing’ without ‘singers’ = WAIT),

4 Ready-made (PREFAB) in February (FEB = -EF-B) and April (APR = – PR-A-) in a way (PREFAB),

5 Impostor (PHONEY) to call (PHONE-) at end of July (end of July = -Y) (PHONEY),

6 Lough (Lough REE-) near French capital (capital letter of French = -F) (REEF) is covered by shallow water (REEF),

7 A ragman? (a ragman = ANAGRAM and it’s also an ANAGRAM in the classic sense),

8 Little guide (BROWNIE) raises finger (POINTS) (BROWNIE POINTS) at imaginary awards (BROWNIE POINTS),

9 Great colour (BROWN AS A BERRY) expression from Chaucer’s Monk’s Tale (Chaucer first mentions BROWN AS A BERRY in The Monk’s Tale),

14 Ability of (CALIBRE) liberal (-LIB-) in fractured acre (acre = CA-RE) (CALIBRE),

16 Family of cats (PRIDE of cats/lions) free (-RID-) in gym (P-E) (PRIDE),

18 Gangster (Al Capone = AL-) goes around (-O-) to laugh (-HA) (ALOHA) at greeting in Pacific (ALOHA),

20 Rose cut from undercoats (‘undercoats’ without ‘rose cut’ = nda = DNA) evidence for court case (DNA),

21 Article (A-) on religion (Roman Catholic = -RC) (ARC) found in circle (ARC),

24 Made glare (glare = GLA-ER) over last letter (-Z-) for one (-I-) (GLAZIER) concerned with Casement perhaps (GLAZIER concerned with casement window perhaps),

26 Out of bed (UP) after tray of drinks (ROUND) (ROUND UP) for marshal (ROUND UP),

27 Move fast (HURTLE) to distress (HURT-) the French (the = -LE) (HURTLE),

28 Hal (HENRY) opposed (opposed = versus = V) (HENRY V) to winner of battle on St Crispin’s Day (Henry V won the Battle at Agincourt in 1415 on Saint Crispin’s Day – a day also famous for other battles) (HENRY V),

32 Not straightforward perhaps (SKEW) for you and I (we = -EW) returning to Saskatchewan (SK-) (SKEW),

33 Spot (BOIL) barrister (B-L) ringing to attract attention (OI) (BOIL).