Crosaire No 15032 by Crossheir – Friday, March 8, 2013

Fri, Mar 8, 2013, 23:55



1 Isn’t the Government great (PRAISE) in Persia (Persia = PRAISE) perversely,

4 Sailor (able-bodied seaman = AB = A B-) gets it (-IT) with a lot of (MUCH) (A BIT MUCH) what’s somewhat excessive (A BIT MUCH),

9 Might find Dock remedy after this encounter (dock leaf to ease NETTLE sting) to annoy someone (NETTLE),

10 Mark (mark = SC-AR) hides father (father = PA = -AP-) back at university (University of Limerick = -UL-) (SCAPULAR) in monastic cloak (SCAPULAR),

12 The Shinners (Sinn Féin = OURSELVES) is who we are (OURSELVES),

13 Looking back, is (is = -SI-) in African country (SA = -A-S) with nothing (O-) (OASIS) in watering hole (OASIS),

14 Excitingly (DRAMATICALLY), it’s a play (DRAMA-) with jerk (-TIC-) close to friend (-ALLY) (DRAMATICALLY),

18 Favourites at Wimbledon (STRAWBERRIES are favourites as Wimbledon) are seeded in Wexford (strawberry fruits are sprinkled with seeds and Wexford is popular for STRAWBERRIES),

21 Looking back Ruby and Tawny (ruby and tawny are ports = STROP) keep things sharp in barbers (leather strap used for sharpening = STROP),

22 Barman (INNKEEPER) at home (IN-) to name (name = -N-) number one (number one is the goalkeeper = -KEEPER) (INNKEEPER),

24 Has the hump (CAMEL-) with American city (-L-A) over one (-I-) (CAMELLIA) bloomer (CAMELLIA),

25 Steadies oneself (BRACES) with a follower (‘a’ follower is ‘b’= -B-) at Leopardstown (Leopardstown races = -RACES) (BRACES),

26 Remains behind (-STAYS) after public knowledge (OUT-) (OUTSTAYS) of winner’s mentality at Cheltenham perhaps (to go beyond the limit = OUTSTAYS),

27 Accommodations (accommodations = LETS) get green light (GO) (LETS GO) for releases (LETS GO).


1 American apple pie (PANDOWDY) and bread (bread PAN-) is unfashionable (-DOWDY) (PANDOWDY),

2 A way forward perhaps (ARTERIAL) for a (A-) station (-RTÉ-) concealing liar (liar = -RIAL) (ARTERIAL),

3 Store up (SA-VE) around pound (-L-) (SALVE) of ointment (ointment = SALVE),

5 What’s no good for killing Dracula (BACK-STABBING is no good for killing Dracula – he must be killed through heart) is useful for killing friendship (BACK-STABBING),

6 Do better (TOP) with American capital (capital = money = DOLLAR) (TOP DOLLAR) for very best price (TOP DOLLAR),

7 Except on condition when (UNLESS) relative (uncle) loses copyright (c) (‘uncle’ without ‘c’ = unle = UNLE-) for ship (-SS) (UNLESS),

8 Has (HA-S) taken in artist (-RA-) and son (-S-) (HARASS) for Harry (harry = HARASS),

11 Take advantage of (AVAIL-) talent (-ABILITY) (AVAILABILITY) – it concerns what’s free (AVAILABILITY),

15 Keeps on course (AUTOPILOT) flying off the handle perhaps (AUTOPILOT),

16 Fussy behaviour (NITPICKS) isn’t (isn’t = NIT-S) playing tricks around tool in shed (-PICK-) (NITPICKS),

17 Keeps one awake (ESPRESSO keeps one awake) as oil producer (E-SSO) rings engineering reps (reps = -SPRE-) (ESPRESSO),

19 Curious shy cop (cop shy = PSYCHO) gets Norman (Norman is PSYCHO in Hitchcock film of same name),

20 Psst! Your lines are (PROMPT) in favour of (PRO-) British politician (-MP-) on square (T-square = -T) (PROMPT),

23 Ecstasy (E-) lake (-ERIE) (EERIE) is frightening (EERIE).