Crosaire No 15031 by Crossheir – Thursday, March 7, 2013

Thu, Mar 7, 2013, 23:55



8 King (K-) and I (-I) containing one (-I-) girl (-GAL-) (KIGALI) with African capital (capital of Rwanda = KIGALI),

9 One doesn’t want to be sitting in the chair here (electric chair on DEATH ROW) in killing zone (DEATH ROW),

10 Obscene (LEWD) for Waterford (-WD) to go after the Spanish (the = el = LE-) returning (LEWD)

11 Pathfinder did it (LEAD THE WAY) for guide (guide = LEAD) on Camino (Camino = THE WAY) (LEAD THE WAY),

12 Flipping African country (SA = AS) not bad (GOOD) (AS GOOD) at being equally effective (AS GOOD),

14 Small matter (MOLECULE) of spy (spy = MOLE-) arranging clue (clue = -CULE) (MOLECULE),

15 Twin (DOUBLE) found at football stadium (-STAND) with acute respiratory distress syndrome (Acute Respiratory Distress Syndrome  = -ARDS) (DOUBLE STANDARDS) epitomises different strokes for different folks (DOUBLE STANDARDS),

18 Powder (-DUST-) wrapped in chippy’s toolbox (saws = SAW-S) (SAWDUSTS) gets spread over retail floors (SAWDUSTS found on butcher shop floors),

20 Portal (portal = G-ATE) closes your (-YR-) (GYRATE) moving circle (moving circle = GYRATE),

22 Office (BUREAU-) credit (-CR-) gets at (-AT) (BUREAUCRAT) bean counter (BUREAUCRAT),

24 Temptation (LURE) to change rule (rule = LURE),

25 Supporter (fan = F-AN-) hides weapon (-ARM-) for hothead (head of hot = -H-) director (-D) (FARMHAND) of cowboy (FARMHAND),

26 At the end of September (OCT-), Virginia (VA = -AV-) returns with circle (-O) (OCTAVO) for a sizeable book perhaps (OCTAVO).


1 Crush ribs (ribs = BI-RS) around Kildare (-KE-) (BIKERS) on two wheels (BIKERS),

2 Bachelor (BA-) finds Longford (-LD) (BALD) smooth on top (BALD),

3 Get rid of (DISLODGE) detective’s (detective’s = DI’s = DIS-) house (house = -LODGE) (DISLODGE),

4 In the end, Russell (AE = -EA) returns to papers (ID-) (IDEA) with proposal (IDEA),

5 Matthew (MA-T-) hides nationalist (-N-) for the Spanish (the = -EL) (MANTEL) around the fireplace (MANTEL),

6 Ferris type perhaps (Ferris wheel = wheel chair perhaps = WHEELCHAIR) found on car (WHEEL-) with kitchen regular (-CHAIR) (WHEELCHAIR),

7 Supposed (SO-CALLED) to make CSO (CSO = SO C-) get everything (-ALL-) for editor (-ED) (SO-CALLED),

13 Not getting on with (ON BAD TERMS with) breaking a bond (a bond = ON BAD) with conditions (TERMS) (ON BAD TERMS),

14 It’s as liable to add it up (MATHS add it up/addition) or take it away (MATHS take it away/subtract),

16 Prophetic (ORACULAR) for our Clara (our Clara = ORACULAR) in a way,

17 Misrepresented Antigone (Antigone = NEGATION) as contradiction (NEGATION),

19 Tweet (SQUEAK) to Parnell (Parnell Square = SQ-) to reshape Persian Gulf state (UAE = -UEA-) at weekend (end of week = -K) (SQUEAK),

21 Make steady progress (THRIVE) with article (TH-E) around short river (river = -RIV-) (THRIVE),

23 It’s disrespectful (RUDE) for Agnes to leave dungarees (‘dungarees’ without ‘agnes’ = dure =RUDE),

24 A great deal (LOTS) by pillar of salt? (pillar of salt = Lot’s wife = LOTS).