Crosaire No 15030 by Crossheir – Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Wed, Mar 6, 2013, 23:55



1 Looking back, catch (catch = trap = PART) editor (ED) (DEPART) in exit (DEPART),

4 Director perhaps (director is OFFSTAGE) not working (OFF-) at this point (-STAGE) (OFFSTAGE),

9 Laugh at (DERIDE) Germany (Germany domain = .de = DE-) following one of 3 down (-RIDE) (DERIDE),

10 Throw dice (dice = DE-IC) admitting Mark (Mark  = -SPOT-) (DESPOTIC) is acting like a dictator (DESPOTIC),

12 Vote (vote = X = CROSS-) for yours truly (I = -EYE-) reportedly and democrat (-D) (CROSS-EYED) with inward looking view (CROSS-EYED),

13 Hold your horses! With these (hold your horses with these = REINS) you’ll need an umbrella reportedly (“rains” = “reins” = REINS),

14 Absorbed (INCORPORATED) in (IN-) old local authority (-CORPO-) and judged (-RATED) (INCORPORATED),

18 Order to appear in court (HABEAS CORPUS) has (HA-S) framed Beatrice (-BEA-) for corporal (CORP-) with you and me (-US) (HABEAS CORPUS),

21 Suspicious (LEERY) of the French (the = LE) returning about (re = ER) the end of July (the end of July = Y) (LEERY),

22 Love (HEART-) to be (-BE-) at (-AT) (HEARTBEAT) sound check in hospital (HEARTBEAT),

24 Climates (climates = CLEMATIS) adjusted for climber in garden (CLEMATIS),

25 Uncooperative to drop caption (‘uncooperative’ without ‘caption’ = uoerve = OEUVRE) from body of work (OEUVRE),

26 Bury under water (SUBMERSE) advance (advance = SUB-) to me (-ME-) for half the course (half of course = -RSE) (SUBMERSE),

27 This sounds like a threat (OR ELSE) to disturb Rose (rose = OR -SE) hiding the Spanish (the = -EL-) (OR ELSE).


1 Excessively lecture (DIDACTIC) industrial development agency (-IDA-) in Washington (D-C) with jerk (-TIC) (DIDACTIC),

2 Political leader (leader of political = P-) stuck in hospital (-ER-) with the Garda (the force = -FORCE)? (PERFORCE) Needs must! (PERFORCE),

3 Big dipper and bumpers (RIDES) right (R-) for middle of March (-IDES) (RIDES)?

5 Gives the orders (FIELD MARSHAL) to handle (FIELD) Moor (moor = -MARSH-) with gangster (Al Capone = -AL) (FIELD MARSHAL),

6 It’s great (SUPER-) that girl (-HER-) gets nothing (-O) (SUPERHERO) for glory hunter (SUPERHERO),

7 Article (AN-) on Meath town (-TRIM) (ANTRIM) found in Ulster (ANTRIM),

8 Clare (-CE-) on boat (-SS) once (EX-) upfront (EXCESS) with leftovers (EXCESS),

11 Make light of (PYROTECHNICS) playing with fire (PYROTECHNICS),

15 All set (READY-) for mother (-MA-) to go to Germany (Germany domain = .de = -DE) (READY-MADE) for type of dinner (READY-MADE dinner),

16 Out of bed (UP-) he (-HE-) finds article (-A-) on Valerie (-VAL) (UPHEAVAL) in shake-up (UPHEAVAL),

17 African leader (leader of African = A-) to take a seat (sit = -S IT) with you and I (we = W-E) around hospital ward (-ER-) (AS IT WERE), in a manner of speaking (AS IT WERE),

19 Skinhead (head of skin = S-) has a need for (-LACKS) (SLACKS) trousers (SLACKS),

20 Father (REV-) expresses hesitation (-ER-) for bishop (-B) (REVERB) to amplify sound (REVERB),

23 Next in line (-HEIR) behind Turkish leader (leader of Turkey = T-) (THEIR) known to be possessive type (belonging/possessive adjective = THEIR).