Crosaire No 15029 by Crossheir – Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Tue, Mar 5, 2013, 23:55



8 Brother (B-R-) rings you (-U-) returning first class (AI = -IA-) with novice (learner = -L) (BURIAL) for final say (final say = BURIAL),

9 Miss (-MISS-) in early (early) ignoring pupil (pupil = learner = l) (‘early’ missing ‘l’ = eary = E-ARY) (EMISSARY) with deputy (EMISSARY),

10 Looking back, religious institution (RC = C-R) takes in street map (AZ map = -ZA-) (CZAR) for old ruler (CZAR),

11 They cut ground from under someone’s feet perhaps (EARTHWORMS cut/aerate the ground) with fish bait (EARTHWORMS),

12 A cool place (FRIDGE) for loud music (loud music = forte = F-) on hilltop (-RIDGE) (FRIDGE),

14 Branch (-STICK) over border (-LIP-) (LIPSTICK) to make up (LIPSTICK),

15 Section guide (TABLE OF CONTENTS) is one for the books (TABLE OF CONTENTS),

18 Shut up! (CLOSETED) It’s a stone’s throw (CLOSE-) to Edward (-TED) CLOSETED),

20 It’s quite like (RATHER) that girl (-HER) behind informant (RAT-) (RATHER),

22 Big cat (LI-ON-) swallows master (-M-) on bass instrument (-CELLO) (LIMONCELLO) after dinner in Italian restaurant (LIMONCELLO),

24 Comic operas drop promise (‘comic operas’ without ‘promise’  = ccoa = COCA) of stimulant (COCA),

25 Person play-acting (THESPIAN) with article (THE-) on Spain (Spain = -SPIAN) in a bad way (THESPIAN),

26 Sent down (sent down = in jail = INSIDE) to union centre (INSIDE centre is position in Rugby Union).


1 It’s for answering back (press the BUZZER to answer in quiz) call (call/phone = BUZZ-) with hesitation (-ER) (BUZZER),

2 Sounds like coldest place (BIRR) in Ireland (BIRR),

3 Sound like it’s in church (“altar” = “alter” = ALTER), for example (EG-), with nothing (-O) (ALTER EGO) for me too perhaps (me too = ALTER EGO)?

4 Starts letter (DEAR) to director (D-) of The Listener (-EAR) (DEAR),

5 Has restricted movement on board (BISHOP can only move diagonally on board in chess) over father (BISHOP is over/above a Father/Priest),

6 No mattress (no mattress = ASSORTMENT) developer gets mishmash (ASSORTMENT),

7 Found in butchers (PRIME CUT) on horseback perhaps? (PRIME CUT of meat from the back of animals),

13 Models (models = dolls = DOLL’S) at home (HOUSE) (DOLL’S HOUSE) for the little ones (DOLL’S HOUSE),

14 Have all the faculties (LUCID) backing university (University of Limerick = UL = LU-) in touch with police (-CID) (LUCID),

16 Okay (ALL RIGHT), nothing left? (ALL RIGHT),

17 Oscar’s in (Oscar’s in = NARCOSIS) confusion as has swallowed too much (NARCOSIS),

19 Eat away! (TUCK IN) It sounds like Hood’s fryer (Robin Hood’s “fryer” = “Friar” TUCK) on at home? (IN) (TUCK IN),

21 Send a secret message (ENCODE) to writer (ed = E-D-) embracing fighting man (non-commissioned officer = -NCO-) with oriental (oriental = east = -E) (ENCODE),

23 5 down in favour of (bishop in favour of LENT) fast time (LENT),

24 For the police (a CASE) as (-AS-) seen in Clare (C-E) (CASE).