Crosaire No 15028 by Crossheir – Monday, March 4, 2013

Mon, Mar 4, 2013, 23:55



1 Advance (INROAD) with no raid (no raid = INROAD) organised,

4 Person from sheriff’s office (TIPSTAFF) gets piece of advice (TIP-) leading to workers (-STAFF) (TIPSTAFF),

9 Lawrence (TE Lawrence = TE-) and revolutionary (Che = -CH-E) ring individual (-I-) (TECHIE) enthusiastic about computers (TECHIE),

10 Sly (S-LY) admitting Turkish leader (leader of Turkish = -T-) is wrong (wrong) to drop West (w) (‘wrong’ without ‘w’ = rong = -RONG-) (STRONGLY) in a robust manner (STRONGLY),

12 Fun (GAS) seeing advantages of exercise (FITTER) (GAS FITTER) to inject a bit of lightness to installation perhaps (GAS FITTER),

13 Doubtful tears (tears = TASER) will stop you in your tracks (TASER weapon),

14 Picture (ILLUSTRATION) is case in point (an ILLUSTRATION of a case in point / what’s being discussed),

18 Three wise men (MAGI-) find family (clan = -C LAN-) seabird  (seabird = -TERN) (MAGIC LANTERN) in image projector (MAGIC LANTERN),

21 Overheard board man (chess king) threatened (“check” indicates king is in danger) (“check”  = ‘Czech” = CZECH) by man in Prague (CZECH),

22 Keep an eye on (GUARD-) kitchen (-ROOM) (GUARDROOM) in army barracks (GUARDROOM),

24 Strange palimony (palimony = OLYMPIAN) for Irish boxer perhaps (OLYMPIAN),

25 Charge (PROTON) image-makers (PR-) to break small animated character (toon = -OTON) (PROTON),

26 Love (HONEY-) of French (of = -DE-) women (-W) (HONEYDEW) for tropical fruit (HONEYDEW melon),

27 Striking (SCENIC) barman (SC-) goes to Nice (nice = -ENIC) for a change (SCENIC).


1 Up north (NI = IN-), Mark (mark = -TAG-) returns lubricant (oil = -LIO) (INTAGLIO) found in gem design (INTAGLIO),

2 Music (ROCK music) for holy man (S-T) hiding gangster (Al Capone = -AL-) (ROCK SALT) found in mill (ROCK SALT),

3 Liberal (-LIB-) in first class (A-I) (ALIBI) provides cover story (ALIBI),

5 Let’s (lets = -STEL-) back after old test (INTER-) for Larry (LAR) (INTERSTELLAR) among the stars (INTERSTELLAR),

6 It’s not long (it’s SHORT-) before instrument (-HORN) (SHORTHORN) produced cattle breed (SHORTHORN)

7 Distinguished (AUGUST) at end of July (AUGUST is at end of July),

8 When chips are down, find them here (chips are down in FRYERS) with cook (FRY-) in hospital wards (ERs = -ERS) (FRYERS),

11 This isn’t the type of door to close after horse has bolted (STARTING GATE) from the stalls (STARTING GATE),

15 Is this how Snow White put manners on dwarf (slap Happy = SLAPHAPPY) with devil-may-care attitude? (SLAPHAPPY)

16 Been (BE-EN) around for green light (-GO-) at race (TT race = -TT-) (BEGOTTEN) produced a successor (BEGOTTEN),

17 Arrange men (men = MNE-) from Scotland (-MON-) in charge (-IC) (MNEMONIC) of device for reminder (MNEMONIC),

19 Jay (J-) finds lot (-LOT-) in Switzerland (-C-H) (J-CLOTH) for clean-up (J-CLOTH is for clean-up),

20 It’s about (RE-) city in France (Lyon = -LY ON) (RELY ON) to have faith in (RELY ON),

23 Old force (Royal Irish Constabulary = -RIC) behind party (DO-) (DORIC) for ancient architectural style (DORIC).